Marble and granite processing plant produces large spectrum of decoration materials, panels and interior items

For years of the independence, the infrastructure of national economy were supplemented by number of enterprises, which multiplied industrial potential of the country and considerably expanded opportunities in realization of large-scale urban planning programme. There is marble and granite processing plant of Turkmenmermer JSCC of the Ministry of Industry of the country located in Ovadandepe, Gyoktepe etrap, Ahal Velayat among them. The enterprise makes decoration materials, necessary for numerous facilities built in Turkmenistan, of natural stone.

Process trains of the facility are provided by the equipment of world known manufacturer, Italian «Barsanti macchine». The fact that productions never stays in warehouses indicates its high quality. Largest government construction organizations and private companies are the customers and buyers of the entity.

Many things are undertaken at the plant for increase of production volumes and expansion of the variety of items due to the requirements of construction market. Personnel of the enterprise gained large production experience and Italian equipment allows to fulfil orders of any complexity. All production is certified and applied in construction of living facilities without any restrictions. Automation of the technological process allows producing marble slabs of different size, shape and configuration with ornaments on them.

Production of Tagara Mine in Magdanly is the material for production. Stone boulders are brought to the dimensions meeting the standards of stone-cutting machines. The operators of initial processing machines carefully watch the processing of each stone, which is transferred afterwards to special sections of two stone-cutting machines TLD 80SC. They cut large stones in 2 – 3 cm plates. The plates are transferred to grinding machines, burning installations and brought to required sizes.

Handmade processing workshop is a special proud of the plant. The granite is a stone with a soul and history, - specialists say. Formally, this is a just a rock, which consist of quartz, dark-coloured minerals, feldspar and other components. The granite used at the plant is very solid and mostly it is used for decorative and tiling works.

Different decoration materials such as table-tops, stairs, tiles, mosaics, statues and fountains, different interior items are produced from the marble at the plant. The items amaze by the variety and the shades of the stone allows implementing design ideas of the customer. There are machines producing mosaic panels from granite and marble allowing making ornament carving of the stone. At present moment, the work for manufacturing of granite and marble items from the wastes of the main production is carried out.