Scientific research centres are opened at high medical school of the country

Opening ceremony of Dental training and Clinical research centres, provided with advanced equipment, of the State Medical University of Turkmenistan took place.

There are five sections in the structure of the dental centre like children, therapeutic, surgery, orthopaedic and functional diagnostics sections as well as lecture halls with multimedia equipment for training of the students of dental faculty of medical university.

Innovative equipment of the centre allows making carrying out broad spectrum of work. For example, using CAD/CAM prosthetics systems, it is possible to model and make crowns, implants and other means for restoration of tooth.

The children section is equipped with silent dental drilling machine «Intego» made by «Sirona» (Germany). Top modern ultrasound complex «Vector Paro», allowing to clean plaque from tooth carefully, fast and painless, is at the disposal of the centre.

The centre has well-equipped training and treatment classes of the orthopaedic and surgical stomatology department of the State Medical University. Initial skills of future profession are learnt by the students on phantom simulators.

Highly qualified scientific personnel of Clinical research centre of eye diseases together with specialists of the eye disease department carry put research and scientific, training and methodological, treatment and consultative work broadly using experience of foreign colleagues.

Training classes are provided with modern equipment like interactive boards, computers and 3-D projectors. All these allows visualizing ophthalmological operation in online mode. The department also has large library where students can study innovative methods of diagnostics and treatment of eye diseases, surgery in 3-D format and animation.

There are two cabinets of child vision protection in outpatient department of the centre. For the first time in Turkmenistan, advanced highly efficient diagnostic system «RetCam», allowing detection of pathology of newborn children at early stage. This paediatric camera makes it possible to get digital image of retina and other section of an eye with maximum comfort and safety of the child.

Outpatient service of adults consists of emergency room, cabinets of eye fundus examination and eye refraction anomaly.

All capabilities for reception of the patients at any time of the day with eye injuries starting from initial surgical treatment to reconstructive and restoration surgeries of an eye and its appendages using modern microsurgery methods are established in emergency care department. There are six surgery blocks, equipped with modern ophthalmological microscopes and other apparatus from German, USA, Great Britain and Swiss companies for making complex surgeries.