Turkmenistan plans to make an application to the UNESCO for inclusion of Akhalteke racers in the World Heritage List

In the State Association «Turkmenatlary» the meeting with participation of heads and leading experts of horse-breeding branch, representatives of equestrian sports took place. They discussed issues of development of horse breeding, preservation of the phenomenon of the Akhalteke breed as phenomena of world culture.

Today, when in many countries a steady interest in revival of horse-breeding centers and jockey clubs, traditions of Turkmen horse breeding is observed, the national school of training of horses involves in itself a great attention of professionals. In Turkmenistan a purposeful work on integration into international horse industry is also conducted.

On March 10, President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov commissioned the related authorities to make a catalogue of racers of the Akhalteke breed - the register of representatives of its elite with prospect of international registration. The head of state set forward a proposal to make an application to the UNESCO for inclusion of Akhalteke racers in the World Heritage List.

At the meeting issues of maintenance of the branch with the highly-skilled personnel, creations of a specialized research center or a high school for the given profile were also discussed.

In Turkmenistan under the personal patronage of the President a large scale work on development of equestrian sport and selection and breeding with a view of preservation of the best pedigree characteristics of Akhalteke racers, their gene pool is carried out. The International Association of Akhalteke Horse Breeding with its headquarters in Ashgabat was founded. All over the country well-equipped horse-racing complexes operate, the holiday of Turkmen racer for which the international beauty contest of Akhalteke racers is dated, is annually celebrated.

The Akhalteke racer has become the main symbol of the country and a live embodiment of indissoluble link of times and generations. The silhouette of the horse is represented on the emblem of the 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games to be held in autumn, this year in Ashgabat. The program of the Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games -2017 included the show jumping that will give the chance to continue adequately the glorious path of akhalteke racers in sports.