Two silver and one bronze medals are won by Turkmen chess players at International Chess Tournament in Liberec

The matches with participation of the players from 17 countries were held in three disciplines – blitz, rapid and classic.

Silver and bronze medals were won in classic matches where 1.5 hours are allocated for the game with 30 seconds addition after each move. International Grand Master Myahri Geldiyeva became the Vice-champion having scored 6 points. She is the one and only owner of the highest chess title in Turkmenistan. Two gold medals of the World’s Chess Games in 1996 and 1998 are in her collection.

FIDE Master Bahar Hallayeva is the bronze winner of the competitions, who gained the same 6 points but yielded to her compatriot by the ratio of sport coefficient.

Student of national Institute of Sports and Tourism and acting Champion of the country Jamal Ovezdurdiyeva won silver medal in blitz tournament where only five minutes of clean time are given for the whole match. The foster of Honored Coach of Turkmenistan Shohratkuli Muratkuliyeva scored six out of seven points, having lost to the representative of the host only by the ratio of coefficients (Czech player had 6 points also).

It is worth to mention the performance of sisters Ogulgerek and Gozel Atabayevs, Bahar Hallayeva and head Coach of women team Karen Grigoryan who entered the ten of the best players of the tournament tin blitz discipline.