International gross master Amanmyrat Kakageldiyev is the winner of Moscow Veterans Chess Competition

The coach of Ashgabat chess and checkers school already has 24 gold medals won at different Turkmenistan high level competitions.

During the tournament in Moscow, the youngest representative of our national team, 16 years old Saparmyrat Atabayev, who is 2017 world champion among the juniors until 18 years, was awarded with the International Chess Federation (FIDE) certificate confirming his International Master title. He was the youngest member of Turkmen team having such high sport title.

Coach of tejen Sport school Annaberdy Esenov also fulfilled the norm of International Master having scored necessary 3 points. The Award certificate will be drafted during the session of the FIDE Congress next week,

Now, Turkmen chess players have to prepare for another large international competition in Budapest (Hungary) on March 16 – 27.