Surgeries successfully performed in the Clinical Research Centre for Eye Diseases

The solemn ceremony of opening the Clinical Research Centre for Eye Diseases under the State Medical University of Turkmenistan, which was reconstructed and supplied with the most advanced equipment, took place last week. Four surgeries – three planned surgeries and one emergency surgery were performed on the first day of work of the centre.

There are two children’s eye protection departments supplied with the diagnostic and therapeutic equipment in the Scientific and Clinical Center. The centre has five departments: treatment of children’s eye diseases, general eye diseases, emergency care, laser treatment and clinical laboratory.

Small patients with congenital pathologies - cataracts, glaucoma, high myopia, the eye’s retina dystrophic diseases, eye intima, and with all types of tumors are treated in the children's department. The common eye diseases department receives citizens who need social protection. They receive the necessary treatment for free.

The emergency care department provides services to children and adults with injuries, acute attacks of glaucoma and eye vascular abnormalities around the clock.

All types of laser treatment are offered in the laser treatment department. The surgical suite includes six surgery rooms. The laboratory supplied with modern equipment is designed to perform hematologic, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays, detect bacterial and viral infections. A new method of research - crystallography of tear fluid - will allow diagnosing oncological diseases of eyes, post-traumatic complications and consequences of diabetes mellitus.