The spring planting campaign starts on March 18

In accordance with the Resolution of the President of Turkmenistan, three million trees are to be planted this year. According to the Resolution, 1.5 million young trees are to be planted in the foothills in Ahal Velayat and the other 1.5 million tress – in other regions of the country. Specialists of the Forestry Management Department of the State Committee of Turkmenistan for Environment Protection and Land Resources, the velayat department of nature protection will observe the compliance to agro-engineering measures and 13 nursery-gardens of the State Committee will supply the planting material for the campaign.

Thousands of citizens of Turkmenistan will take part in the spring planting campaign.

Planting trees in the arid severely continental climate of Turkmenistan is an important campaign to ensure the stable development of various sectors of agriculture, improve the ecological situation, enrich natural biodiversity and renew natural resources as well as restrain the climate change processes.

The main venue of the campaign will be the territory adjacent to Archabil Etrap of the Turkmen capital. More than 30,000 conifer saplings will be planted on 75-hectare area.