Composition of National Futsal team for participation in V Asian games is almost completed

Turkmen futsal players went for training camp to Spain. Head coach of the team, Japanese specialist Keyohey Nakamura thinks that this is a process allowing comparing styles of this dynamic and rapidly developing game. If Japanese style is represented by the speed, quick changes from defence to attack by sharp pass then Spanish style lays special emphasis on the technique and technical playing the ball sometime over holding it but to take it away from Spanish player, especially if he got the courage, is practically impossible. Azerbaijan style is similar to the Spanish with some accent on power play in defence. These was the variety of tactical and technical methods, which our team had to meet during the training.

The team was accommodated in little town of Benidorm near Valencia where it had excellent conditions for training and matches.

Our guys played the first games with Kalpe from the second division and won 7:2. There are Premier, first, second, third and fourth leagues in Spanish futsal so there was no problems to choose the competitors.

The second game with the first league Denia ended up in loss of our team with 5:6 score. In the third match with Elche from the second league, Turkmenistan national team took over with 9:1 score. After this victory, Spanish press noted the paly of Turkmen sportsmen and recommended Spanish clubs to look closely at our players.

Besides, our national team had regular trainings and this was a good physical training that allowed our team playing in draw in the fourth games with La Villa, the club from the first league.

The match with Cartagena from the premier league was the most interesting. Our players excelled the hosts in speed and acuity and four white wash goal were convincing evidence to this.

The game series ended up by the match with Se Gorbe, the team from the second league, in 3:3 draw.

Our coach was satisfied with the results of training. First of all, there was an opportunity to look closely on all 16 players, which makes 90 percent of national team. Number of tactical schemes and interactions between the players were checked. There are some issues in defence and goalkeeping, however, the head coach thinks that there is a time for improvement of these shortcomings and all necessary corrections to be made.

Upon the arrival in Ashgabat, the sportsmen went to their clubs and would play for their teams during Ashgabat Futsal Open Cup. In the end of May, national team will go to Japan to participate in large international tournament where it will play against the teams from Peru, Italy, Japan, Australia and Vietnam.