Review of achievements of Turkmen entrepreneurs reflects growing potential of non-governmental sector of the economy

Large exhibition is traditionally timed to the day of foundation of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs uniting more than 16 thousands representatives of non-governmental sector of the economy and being actively developing business society.

Members of the Government, heads and deputies of the Mejlis, representatives of diplomatic corps accredited in Turkmenistan, branch ministries and departments, non-government organizations, universities and mass media too part in the ceremonial opening of the show.

Traditionally, the exhibition of the achievements of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs has multisectoral character. 145 members of the union presented their displays on the ground of the Exhibition hall of the Trade Industrial Chamber.

One of dynamically developing directions of the activity of domestic entrepreneurs, the construction sector, which successfully competes with foreign companies and producers of construction materials, is broadly represented at the exhibition.

The achievements of private entrepreneurs in construction industry at the exhibition are represented by private enterprise, which successfully proved themselves in fulfilment of large orders under government strategic programmes including the projects for urban planning of Turkmen capital, cities and villages of the country, construction of roads, modern multi-level parking, hydro technical facilities which are to make people’s life more comfortable.

Competitive production on construction material market necessary for the country is demonstrated by the heavyweights of domestic industrial sector and the beginners in this business. Production of brick, pipe, reinforced concrete constructions, hydro insulation materials, foam polystyrene, claydite, different emulsions and paints, electrical cables and houses, kerbstones and ceramic tiles, dry construction mixtures, oil and air filters and battery plants are widely demonstrated there.

In 2016, the variety of domestic industrial goods was increased by putting into operation of ceramic plant in Dashoguz Velayat, basal fibre factory in Ahal Velayat. The activity of «Rysgally el» business entity in Ak Bugday etrap, Ahal Velayat, specialized in production of baby diapers under «Bal balam» trademark, is aimed at import substitution. At the same time, «Türkmeniň rysgaly» enterprise from Mary Velayat demonstrate analogic production. New types of the items of household group and toys for kids are on the stand of «Türkmen şöhle» business entity.

Silk headscarf and “ketene” fabric workshop in Mary Velayat and national leather dress shop from the northern region of the country, which presented in the exposition, are in the list of modern industrial productions.

LED lamps, produced by «Rysgally senet» Individual Enterprise are presented for the first time in the show of domestic entrepreneurship. Electrical equipment, several typres of ceramic tiles and dry construction additives are among new items of the exhibition.

Turkmen furniture manufacturers have one of the largest and bright sections where they demonstrate their production in different interior design.

New items are also demonstrated by the dairy producers. The displays are rich in fish, meat and sausage products. Fish breeders sections rise large interest. There are African catfish and sturgeon among live exhibits of «Elin balyk» enterprise. The assortment of production manufactured by Hazarbalyk fish breeding and processing complex is expanding. Currently, there are more than 50 types of different productions.

The variety of fruits, vegetables and cucurbitaceous grown on the fields leased by the Government to the members of the Union and in modern hothouse farms are in exhibition halls. Using modern technologies of irrigation, high quality consumables and equipment, such directions of agrarian business like vegetable growing, gardening and flower growing are actively developed.

Private tourist agencies, «Oguzabat» and «Halkara dostluk» business entities present their capabilities to the visitors of the exhibition, first of all to potential foreign partners.

The show gives opportunity to assess the achievements of entrepreneurs in textile production, carpet weaving and traditional crafts as well as in manufacturing of souvenirs. Representatives of Women Business Centre and its departments from Ashgabat, Mary, Lebap and Dashoguz Velayat, demonstrating national dress and modern footware, take part in the exhibition.

Wide variety of souvenir production including those with the images of historical places, sightseeing of the capital, symbols of coming V Asian Indoor and Martial Art Games attracts the attention.