A new tour show in the Turkmen State Circus

The premiere of the “Planet of the Apes” performance, prepared by the Russian State Circus Company, was held with great success at the arena of the Turkmen State Circus.

During the new program, the audience will meet with traditional circus genres, and with original exciting numbers. Surprising tricks will be performed by the Markin family trio of equilibristists, prize-winners of festivals in Monte-Carlo, Paris, Montreal, China, and Cuba, whose tricks have even been introduced into the Guinness Book of Records.

The program's crown number is “Planet of the Apes” under the direction of the Honored Artist of Russia, 4-time laureate of international competitions Natalia Yakubova. Monkeys have outstanding agility, and they easily cope with all the tricks, both on a rope, and on the back of a galloping pony.

Performance number “Russian stick - acrobats on the poles” is done by a group of Alexei Drozdov. The audience is entertained by masters of clowning Cyril Toldonov and Igor Soloviev. Theatrical numbers that carry spectators to different epochs are represented by acrobats led by the honored artist of Russia Nikolay Leontiev.

The highlight of the program is the performance of the power juggler Fahriddin Akhnazarov, whose name was entered dozens of times in the Guinness Book of Records: with one little finger he lifts a heavy weight, and is able to hold the weight of many such weights along with assistants who carry them to the arena.