Painter Alymjan Ishankuliyev dedicates his work to the V Asian Games

Famous painter from Lebap, teacher of the Lebap Velayat Specialized School of Arts Alymjan Ishankuliyev entitled his work “Welcome to Turkmenistan!”. The 500-day horse marathon dedicated to the 2017 Asian Games inspired the author to create his work.

The history, culture, traditions and the present day of the country, living in the anticipation of the ambitious sports event are harmoniously interlaced in the painting. The multidimensional picture artistically embodies the image strategy, establishing the perceptional unity of the image of Turkmenistan – the country with the ancient history, mental originality and powerful creative core.

The sketch was transferred to a special black heavy paper with a white base layer, and the picture was literally scratched with a needle. The picture consists of a strict combination of a number of dots without making holes and with no margin for errors. Alymjan Ishankuliyev mastered the most difficult genre of grattage, deprived of multicolor and possessing the expressive laconicism, during his studies at the Academy of Arts of Turkmenistan. The painter continues to work purposefully in this direction.

"This is the most difficult picture for me," says Alymjan Ishankuliyev, the winner of the presidential contest among workers of culture and art. “The audience can judge if I have coped to do what was planned and to show with what enthusiasm the country meets the Asian Games”.