The Olympic village hosts basketball show of Harlem Wizards

Basketball show with participation of legendary team Harlem Wizards dedicated to 2017 Asian Games, which are to be hosted by the Turkmen capital in few months, held in game sports complex of Ashgabat Olympic village had great success.

The show was opened by the match between Turkmen and foreign basketball teams and after, the performance of acrobat basketball players demonstrating effective throws to the basket while jumping on trampoline started.

Performance of popular American team of professional show basketball players from Harlem Wizards, who entertain the public around the world by the show programmes with unbelievable tricks and virtuosic ball handling, was the highlight of the evening. The breath-taking show, true basketball circus with athletics and comedy elements highly impressed Ashgabat spectators, especially numerous children and teenagers on the show.

All basketball fans know legendary team «Harlem Globetrotters», which for its 90 years of history became famous for its outstanding game style. Her little sister Harlem Wizards is 35 years younger. The team was founded in 1962. The mission of the team is the same – the basketball show. This team is more familiar to the fans of the street ball as famous street ball players used to play and play for this team.

The programme of V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games will present basketball in 3X3 format (street ball). The fact that street ball is one of the contenders to be included into the programme of 2020 Olympics in Tokyo (Japan) indicates the popularity of this sports.