Preparation for international actions within the chairmanship of Turkmenistan at the Energy Charter Conference was considered

Ashgabat has hosted the regular session of the organizing committee for organization of international actions connected with the chairmanship of Turkmenistan for 2017 at the Energy Charter Conference.

During the meeting the work fulfilled for past three months within the chairmanship of Turkmenistan in the largest intergovernmental organisation, has been summed up. The issues, concerning realisation of the Program and the Plan of the actions planned for 2017 aimed at the further strengthening and development of international partnership in the energy sphere have been also considered.

In this connection, the information on the session of the Target group of the Energy Charter on regional power cooperation which took place in Hong Kong and brought together international experts from Great Britain, Spain, Kazakhstan, China, the Republic of Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Turkmenistan, Sweden, Uzbekistan and also representatives of business circles of the world, was brought to the attention of its participants. A number of organizational meetings, including, Groups on realisation of the Energy Charter, have been held by the Secretary of the Energy Charter in the capital of Belgium Brussels. Such themes as protection and encouragement of foreign investments into energy, transit of energy resources, energy efficiency and others were discussed.

It was also noted that this year – the year of chairmanship of Turkmenistan some more countries - Nigeria, Burkina Faso and Kenya entered the Energy Charter Conference - the International Energy Charter (IEC), regulating general principles and basic directions of international cooperation in the field of energy.

Discussing the organizational issues connected with organization of actions, planned for the second quarter of 2017, participants of the session have given a special attention to the preparation for the Forum of the Energy Charter «On the way to the multilateral frame agreement on transit of energy resources» which will take place in Ashgabat on May 30-31. The high level representative conference is urged to continue an international dialogue on such strategically important direction as formation of new architecture of the global energy security acting as an integral factor of general sustainable development.

Besides, the International energy media forum and in parallel with it the 5th international meeting of experts on reliable and stable transit of energy resources on May 31 will take place. On June 1-2 in Ashgabat there will pass an annual educational seminar of the energy Charter.

At the forthcoming forum of the Energy Charter to be held in the Turkmen capital issues of improvement of mechanisms of international cooperation in the energy sphere and accordingly, development of the multilateral frame agreement concerning transit of energy resources, on the basis of conventional norms of modern international law and experience which has been gained in this area by countries and international organisations will be discussed in details.

Besides, the program of the forum is expected to include sessions «Trans-boundary transportation and transit of natural gas», «A growing role of liquid natural gas in global energy security», «Transportation of oil to world markets», «Trans-boundary trade in power energy and sustainable development». The same days in Ashgabat the international energy media forum will take place.

Among other issues, considered during the session of the Organizing committee was information support of the chairmanship of our country at the energy Charter Conference. In particular, with that end in view in the global network of the internet a trilingual web site (, the briefing in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country for representatives of local mass media and foreign journalists, teachers and students of the faculty of international journalism of the Institute of International Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan was created. As pointed out, the given practice will be continued.

The report on establishment of the fund of the Department of Energy for preparation and organization actions planned during the chairmanship of Turkmenistan at the energy Charter Conference in Turkmenistan and in foreign countries was presented to the attention of participants of the meeting.