Ashgabat schoolchildren demonstrate success in studying the Chinese and Japanese languages

The first Chinese and Japanese language contest brought together students of Ashgabat secondary specialized schools. The contest was initiated by the Ashgabat City Department for Education, the work of which is aimed at the harmonious development of children, promote their intellectual and creative development and personal growth.

The linguistic contest organized at school No. 89 was held in three nominations that helped children to demonstrate their success in studying Oriental languages.

Competitors presented sketches based on popular Chinese and Japanese fairy-tales, recited poems and demonstrated their abilities for music, singing songs in the languages of the Celestial Empire and the Land of the Rising Sun.

The spectacular ancient ritual dance kushtdepdi, danced by all participants of the contest and performed in three languages in the finale of the contest stood as a symbol of widening cultural and humanitarian relations between the peoples of Turkmenistan, China and Japan.

One of the organizers of the first interschool Chinese and Japanese language contest, Deputy Principal of specialized school No. 130, Kurban Kasymov noted that within one academic year, schoolchildren demonstrated the good level of proficiency in the Oriental languages but the representatives of school No. 90 (Chinese language) and school No. 140 (Japanese language) demonstrated the outstanding results at the contest and were announces as the winners.