President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov lays flowers to the Monuments of the Motherland Defenders and visits National Museum of Kazakhstan

In the morning, the Head of Turkmenistan went from his residence to the memorial complex at the Motherland Defenders Square where he was met by the mayor of Astana A. Isekeshev.

The State Flags of Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan were flying near the grand monument. A woman, the central figure of the memorial, holds golden bowl, the symbol of peace and prosperity. 40-meter stela, made of 101 ears, symbolizes the unity of the nations living on Kazakhstan. The bás-reliefs on the right and left sides of the stela portray courageous warriors, brave Kazakh batyrs (the knight). There is Eternal Flame at the memorial pedestal.

The warriors of the Guard of honour lined up along the road leading to the memorial. The Commander of the Guard of Honour gave report to President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

Paying tribute to the memory of national heroes of Kazakhstan, the President of Turkmenistan laid beautiful flower wreath to the pedestal of the monument under the sounds of the ceremonial melody.

National anthem songs of Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan were played.

From there, the motorcade of the President of Turkmenistan went to the National Museum of Kazakhstan.

Upon arrival to the National Museum of Kazakhstan, the Turkmen leader was met by the management of the museum who invited Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov to look at the exhibits of this large depository of the history.

The unique museum complex includes 11 exhibition halls with total exposition area of more than 14 000 sq. m. the museum is provided with equipment meeting relative world’s standards. Modern exhibition technologies are used for the exposition. There are special curved display with special content broadcasting for two halls at the same time, media floor, dynamic model of the central part of the modern Astana, numerous media monitors, holograms, LED lights, sensor kiosks, and multimedia guide presenting information in three languages.

Lighting and music show was demonstrated to the President of Turkmenistan. The screen of the show was represented by huge 3-D map of Kazakhstan, on which beautiful views of the country, its main architectural and historical places, landscapes, pictures of the people who made large contribution to the development of the state.

The triptych “Mengilik Yol”, created by famous artists of Kazakhstan, occupies special place in the museum. This work reflects the history and the presence of Kazakhstan people.

After, the Turkmen leader visited the Gallery of Manuscripts and the Hall of Gold where the findings from Taldy 2, Issyk, Taksay burial mound, Jarmin treasure and other unique artefacts of rich collection.

One can see the reconstruction, which gives an impression on how the ancient Kazakh warrior looked like, golden jewelleries of Scythian-Sax Culture represented by so-called animal style as well as samples of weapons, horse gear and art articles.

The main exhibit of the exposition is the Golden man. This finding is dated by V – IV centuries B.C. and includes more than 4 000 golden items made in different techniques.

The Head of the State also visited the ethnography hall dedicated to material and spiritual culture of Kazakh people and its traditional way life. For example, there was a traditional felt mobile tent, which same as Turkmen yurt, as President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted, is one of the cultural dominants expressing different aspects of social and family relations.

Different musical instruments, household and ritual items, attributes of various crafts and decorative and applied art articles were presented there.

There is round monitor in the hall demonstrating the sceneries of traditional Kazakh settlement surrounded by the nature.

After, the head of the State visited the hall of the Independence of Kazakhstan reflecting the history of the country from the declaration of the independence by the state in 1991 until the present days. Together with the symbols of the state, awards, coins and post stamps, it presents the materials demonstrating the development of the economy, science and culture, reforms, construction of new industry and achievements of foreign policy.

3-D models of Proton – M Rcket and KAZSAT satellite reflects the acievements and potential of Kazakhstan in space sphere. Large LED-monitors and touchpad booths demonstrate historical photo documents and infographics.

In Astana Hall, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov was presented with the collection of the exhibits reflecting the history of foundation and development of the capital of the independent Kazakhstan. The materials, organized in chronological and documentary order, allows tracing the history of the large city from the ancient times until today.

One of the displays is dedicated to the independence and returning of historical names, transfer of the capital from Almaty to Astana and adoption of the symbols of the city.

Other displays narrate on formation of modern architectural look of Kazakhstan capital and give an image of its economic infrastructure, transport and communication network, medical cluster, etc.

The Sports display represents the materials of VII Winter Asian Olympics, information on sport facilities of the city, materials about professional teams and athletes of the country.

The museum hosted ceremonial presentation of the books by Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov published in Kazakh languages.

Leaving the museum, the President of the country left the entry in the Book of Honoured Guests and having bade warm goodbye to the participants left the place of the event.

Having accomplished the state visit to the Republic of Kazakhstab, the Leader of the Nation went to Astana International Airport, from where he left home.