25th Turkmenistan Aircraft Modelling Championship is completed

The tournament was organized by aviation club of the Ministry of Defence. Young constructors, students and sportsmen from all over the country took part in spring competitions.

Sportsmen who design and launch electric-driven plane models were competing in radio-controlled planes class. These models with large wings spread and thin fuselage, controlled by radio from the ground, fly using small electric motor and hover on air streams. There wer five masters of sports among the participants of this tournament. Numerous winner of international competitions in different types of plane models, Master of Sports Sahat Kuliyev won this competition by the results of 8 launches including the length of the flight and landing accuracy.

The young participants competed in launches of schematic and free flying models – gliders and planes with rubber motors. Student of military college of the Ministry of Defence Akmurad Italmazaov won in schematic gliders class, which is the largest by the number of participants. High results were also demonstrated by student of Turkmen Agricultural University Ibadulla Cherkezov and pupil of school No. 6 of Gyoktepe Yagshy Hojayev.

The winners of the tournament were awarded with diplomas of the Ministry of Defence and prizes. The competitions demonstrated improved skills of fans of this technical sport and number of perspective novices of national championship.