Turkmen schoolchildren win three gold, eleven silver and three bronze medals of the 2017 Malaysian International Young Inventors Olympiad

MIYIO-2017 united more than 350 participants from different countries, who presented over 170 individual and joint projects in various scientific areas to the approval of the jury, in Penang, Malaysia.

Three young rationalizers from Turkmenistan – Repmuhammed Torayev and Arslan Meretmuradov from Ashgabat specialized school No. 97 and Serdar Dosmetov from Lebap Velayat specialized school No. 1 won the gold medals.

Eleven schoolchildren from Turkmenistan presented the projects on the production of high-quality biofuel from cotton stems, the use of tsaccharified residues in construction industry as well as production environmentally friendly anti-bacterial soap and won silver medals.

The projects prepared in the interactive format by other participants of the Turkmen team in such areas as robotics, chemistry, ecology and environmental protection, computer technologies, innovative biotechnologies, etc. are distinguished by thematic diversity. The support of the teachers of chemistry and physics - Parahat Shovhedov and Toily Gurbanov, who led the team, contributed to achieving the high results - 17 medals!