The month for combat of tobacco smoking is held in Turkmenistan

In Ashkhabad the month for combat of tobacco smoking has been given a start. In the action directed to the preservation and strengthening of public health, representatives of departments, khyakimlik of the capital, public organisations and the youth have taken part.

As was marked during the ceremony, Turkmenistan represents itself as leader in many directions of anti-tobacco movement and aspires to bring a contribution to expansion of territories in the world free from tobacco. In 2000 in the country the ban on smoking in public places was launched, in 2008 the President of Turkmenistan issued the Ukase on prohibition of manufacture, realisation, use and delivery of traditional tobacco product for east people – nas, which makes a negative impact on the human health.

In March, 2011 the national parliament ratified the Frame Convention of World Health Organization (WHO) on control over tobacco, together with the WHO European regional Bureau the «National action plan for combat of tobacco for 2012-2016» was developed. In 2013 the «Law on protection of health of citizens from influence of tobacco smoke and consequences of use of tobacco products» was adopted.

As representatives of the WHO marked, for the past years the level of distribution of smoking among the senior generation of citizens of the country has become the lowest in the European region.

The significance of the WHO European ministerial conference on prevention and control of non-infectious diseases which took place in 2013 in Ashkhabad, was especially underlined. In the final Ashgabat declaration among measures on health improvement of all and everyone activity intensification of protection of population against consequences of consumption of tobacco was recognised. In June, 2014 and in June, 2016 special awards of WHO for the huge contribution to combat of distribution of tobacco distribution were handed to the President of Turkmenistan.