Turkmenistan is to be presented in 10 sports at IV Islamic Solidarity Games

The Games will take place in Baku on May 12 – 22. Complex competitions in 20 sports will gather more than 3000 athletes from 57 countries like Egypt, Indonesia, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates, turkey, Gambia, Yemen and other. The competitions to be held in modern sport facilities built specially for first European Games 2015.

Our compatriots will participate in 10 sports - volleyball, boxing, tennis, judo, sport wrestling (free and classic style), weightlifting, swimming, basketball (3X3 format), wu shu and karate.

Volleyball players are the first to start competitions on May 11. National teams of Azerbaijan, Turkey, Pakistan and Palestine will be our competitors in group round.

Boxers and tennis players will join volleyball players on the opening day of the Islamic Games.

The winners of weightlifting competitions will be defined on May 13.

Judo, karate and swimming competitions will start on the same day.

Free and classic style wrestlers will hold the fights on May 17 followed by basketball matches and wu shu competitios. According to the specialists, our boxers have to show good results at these Games judging their previous achievements. Recently, the participated in Asian Championship in the capital of Uzbekistan Tashkent where they won two promotions for the World Championship in Hamburg (Germany) in the end of August.

Nuryagdy Nuryagdiyev is one of the contenders competing in the weight category up to 81 kg. Besides, he is a bronze medallist. The second promotion was won by Aziz Achilov (up to 75 kg). He held three fights on his way to cherished target and two of them he won by knock-out of the competitors.

Upon arrival to the Olympic village, Turkmen boxers started training process immediately.