Rice sowing area of Dashoguz Velayat to be more than 8 thousand hectares

Specialized farms of S. Turkmenbashy etrap growing high-yield species of rice adopted to local soil and climate conditions including elite brand Flagman are the main producers of this crop in the northern region of Turkmenistan. As for today, more than quarter of the area allocated for rice is sown.

As is known, Dashoguz and Lebap Velayats are the suppliers of rice to food markets of the country. In this year, it is planned to grow more than 34 thousand tons of rice only in the northern region. By the expansion of resource base and modernization of the infrastructure of agricultural complex, the northern region has all necessary conditions for cultivation of valuable food product including the fleet of super modern agricultural equipment. Building of modern facility for shelling of rice on the territory of S. Turkmenbashy etrap in 2015 created an opportunity to process largest part of the harvest at site and produce quality seeding material for rice farms of the velayat.

Outputs of high technology facility, provided with modern Japanese equipment Sataki, would allow supplying the consumers with 30 thousand tons of rice per annum. The complex is equipped with autonomous systems of provision of production cycle. Reception of the grain and shipment of ready-made production is carried out by automobile and railway transport.