Selection of students for study in leading foreign universities starts

International University of Humanitarian Studies and Development organizes registration of documents of the candidates for participation in the programme of targeted training of the specialists. Fifty state grant holders will be study in the best international universities. Forty specializations like chemical engineer, software engineer, construction, transport management, logistics, computer technologies, food industry chemistry, medicine, pharmaceutical technologies, banking and finances, economics and management, international law, sales management, international business management and other are presented to Turkmen youth to choose.

According to the terms, the exam process includes three stages. During the first one, the entrant chooses the university and specialization. The certificate attestations on international system – TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, etc. are presented this university. Foreign university assess the level of knowledge of foreign languages and profile subjects and grants guarantee letter on enrolment, which is the basis for the second stage of the test. This round will be held in International University of Humanitarian Studies and Development where exams on general subjects will be organized. Successful examinees become the candidate for the state grant.

On the final stage, the interview, potential students of foreign universities meet their future employers - the representatives of ministries and departments of our countries paying for the study of future highly qualified specialists.

Registration of the entrants’ documents in International University of Humanitarian Studies and Development will last until the end of May and entry exams and competitive selection will be held on June 5 – 21.

Enrolment campaign of the candidates for study in universities of Belarus, Romania and the People’s Republic of China is organizaed in Magtumguly Turkmen State University.

Under the interstate agreement, this year, the universities of Belarus presented 30 occupancies for the entrants willing to receive education in 26 specialities like metrology, industrial electronics, choreography, programme software of computer systems, electrical energy and technology, fish farming, automobile transport ad service and others.

25 students will be enrolled in the universities of Romania to study in 17 specialties like general medicine, radio communication, oil and gas sphere, agriculture, logistics, information technologies, chemical engineering, pedagogics, etc.

Universities of China in Qinghai Province offers the education of the specialists in hotel management as well as programmers, chemical engineers, public catering engineers, teachers of Chinese language.

The document registration campaign of the entrants to universities of Belarus, Romania and China, held in Magtumguly Turkmen State University, would be finished on May 21 and entry exams and competitive selection is to be held on May 26 – 29.