Turkmen school students win 5 bronze medals in the 34th Balkan Mathematic Olympiad

Intellectual forum held in Macedonian Ochrid brought together more tha hundred participants ffrom twenty countries of the world including from Albania, Great Britain, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Greece, Italy, Qatar, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, Romania, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and other.

Turkmen team was represented by the students of Ashgabat secondary specialized school no. 57 and the State boarding school for gifted children, which mathematics teacher Arslan Hojiyev were the tutor of young math specialists.

For four and half hours, the participants were solving difficult mathematical tasks. Akmurad Tirkeshov and Jepbar Asgarov from the State boarding school for gifted children as well as Agamurat Begenjov and Resul Myamiyev from specialized school no. 57 of Ashgabat were the prize winners.

It is not the first time for three of our guys to participate in international contests. Resul Myamiyev and Rahman Agamuradov have three medals and Jepbar Asgarov brought forth award to collection of intellectual achievements of Turkmen students.

According to the tradition, rich excursion programme with the visit of historical, cultural and natural places of interest of Orchid was organized for the participants.

After the kids returned from Macedonia, the schools where they study hold the ceremonies honouring another success of the representatives of young generation of intellectuals.