Famous Russian artists present Ashgabat public with play “Wishing to Marry Appolo” by Dario

The Ashgabat premier of Russian comedy play “Wishing to Marry Appolo” staged by Alexey Kiryuschenko by Italian playwright, Nobel Prize laureate Dario Fo was held on the stage of Alp Arslan National Youth Theatre on occasion of the 25th anniversary of Turkmen – Russian diplomatic relations.

The hall hardly managed to accommodate all who wished to see famous Russian actors performing the play with such intriguing name on the Turkmen stage. Beautiful cocktail of criminal and love intrigue, full of sparkling improvisations and funny recaptures performed by the celebrities of Russian cinema and theatre was beautiful gift for the theatre art connoisseurs.

Adventure comedy speaks of petty swindler Antonio and his partner, the taxi driver Apollo, having cut the leg of Mercury statue in the Museum of Milano, planted it on the construction site of businessman Atillio. After, passing themselves off as archaeologists, started blackmailing him threatening to close the construction. Having received 3 million as a bribe from the businessman, they successfully disappeared. One can think it would be stopped there but Dario Fo decided otherwise and after the interval, the play continuation of captivating story expands with participation of beautiful wife of the businessman. The idea to marry Apollo comes to her head…

The play had great success. The public applauded rapturously to outstanding Russian actors Valery Garkalin, Yaroslav Boyko, Pavel Belozerov, Irina Lachyna and Alexander Vasyutin.

On May 13, Alp Arslan Theatre will present Russian comedy paly “You to Me, Me to Myself” staged by Director Sergey Kutasov by Yuri Chigrov screenplay. It is obvious from the name that this is about the people, for who the money-grabbing, platitude, militant selfishness and impudence became the norm of the behaviour. The spectators are awaited with interesting stagecraft turnabout in the final… This burning story will be performed by Alexander Pankratov- Cherniy, Svetlana Toma and Olga Tumaykina.