Turkmen school students win four medals at International I-SWEEEP Contest

The forum of young inventors, International Sustainable World Engineering Energy Environment Project, was held in Houston, TX. Turkmen team of six young inventors was led by teacher of chemistry of specialized school no. 97 of the capital Atamurat Shahanov.

Around 400 candidates for the prizes from 65 world’s countries participated in 5-dat review of innovative inventions. Totally, the contesters presented more than 200 joint and individual projects, which were evaluated by International jury.

High-school students of Ashgabat secondary specialized school no. 97 Govshud Allamuradov and Rahman Rahmanov were the winners of silver medals. They presented joint project for the oil pollution clean-up of the water. Interactive 3-D computer presentation gives opportunity to evaluate the appropriateness of this scientific proposal tested during numerous experiments. Conducting the tests, the beginning innovators came to conclusion that industrial model of their invention, the tanker with specialized filtering devices would allow to clean water environment from harmful substances for 80 – 90 per cent.

This invention was preciously presented at prestigious international scientific contest in Turkey, where it won the gold. At the same time, the guys were invited to participate in the forum of young inventors in USA where they proved the appropriateness of their project.

High-school students of Turkmenabat specialized school no. 41 Aziz Nurullayev and Muhammetjan Hudaybergenov, the authors of the project on oil and gas sector of national economy, were the bronze medals winners. The kids made their joint work under the leadership of teacher of physics Toyly Kurbanov.

Another two Turkmen participants, Aynur Ishanova and Selby Ovezmuradova from Ashgabat specialized school no. 97, missed few points to the prize winners status and was awarded with the Certificates of the currency of their joint project in environmental protection field.