Turkmen pilgrims pay tribute to the memory of Magtumguly and Doveltmammed Azadi

Delegation of our country visited rest place of the great Turkmen poets and thinkers Magtumguly and his father Dovletmammed Azadi in Aktokay Village of Gulistan Province, Iran, where they made a prayer according to national traditions.

Every year, on the threshold of the Constitution day and the Day of Magtumguly Fragi Poetry, our compatriots go on traditional pilgrimage to the holy burial vaults to pay tribute to the memory of the outstanding sons and patriots, mouthpieces of national dreams of free and prosperous state.

Before the trip, Turkmen pilgrims took part in the events at the small homeland of the poets. The administration centre of Magtumguly etrap, where flowers laying to the monument of Fragi and awards ceremonies to the best poets of our generation – the winners of poetic contest honouring the great master have taken place.

Upon the return to Turkmenistan, the members of the delegation will take part in celebration events timed to the Constitution Day and the Day of Magtumguly Fragi Poetry.