Presentation of V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games was held in Baku

The event, held in “Marriott” Hotel, was organized by the Embassy of Turkmenistan to the Republic of Azerbaijan together with the State Sport Committee of our country.

It displayed the exhibition dedicated to Asian Games 2017. He exposition demonstrated the periodic issues and booklets, textile production with the symbols of the coming large competitions in Ashgabat and the books by President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

Various magazines, booklets and press releases covered large-scale events under preparation to the Asian Games with direct involvement of the Leader of the Nation, whose activity is aimed at development of sport and physical training culture in the country and integration of Turkmenistan into international sport processes.

Representative of the Embassy of Turkmenistan to Azerbaijan Republic made a speech at the presentation and spoke on the preparation to V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games. It was mentioned that recently, our country pays large attention to the development and propaganda of healthy life style. Bright examples revealed deep meaning of the slogan of 2017 Asian Games – “Health. Inspiration. Friendship”. Assertion of the principles of humanity, popularization of sports, which is a Peace Ambassador, is key vector of harmonic development of the state and society. Programme goals for upbringing physically and spiritually fit generation of Turkmen citizens occupy deserving place in national long-term strategy. Fruitful international cooperation in sport sphere serves as one of the most important directions of the policy of the Head of the State.

This is owing to the great attention of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, the sport movement in Turkmenistan gains more supporters and greater importance for the society. The equestrian ride held by the initiative of the Leader of the Nation and started 500 days prior to the opening of the Asian Games was a great idea.

It was stated that from the moment when Turkmenistan, the first country in the Central Asia, received the right to hold Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games, large work including in the legal aspect was carried out. Thus, the Law of Turkmenistan on “Physical Culture and Sports” and on “Volunteering” were adopted.

Ashgabat held several international sport media forums, which were a good ground for wide popularization in the world of large changes in Turkmenistan.

In his speech, the representative of the State Sport Committee of Turkmenistan noted yearly growing potential of Turkmen athletes. Asian Kickboxing and Weightlifting Championships, international swimming competitions held recently in Ashgabat Olympic village, where our compatriots won 96 medals (30 gold, 32 bronze and 34 bronze) were brought as an example. In kickboxing tournament, our team were the first by the total team count.

Information on various modern architectural facilities of Ashgabat, which are listed in the Guinness World Records Book, on grandiose airport complex of the capital, spot infrastructure of the country and other was given.

It was informed that Turkmen delegation, having visited Jakarta (Indonesia), the host of the next Asian Games, discussed the inclusion of national gyoresh wrestling in the programme of 2018 Games and received an approval.