The President of Turkmenistan takes part in the opening of large complex of the facilities the capital living estate «Tyaze Zaman»

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov took part in the opening ceremony of another complex of facilities of living estate “Tyaze Zaman” of Ruhabat etrap of Ashgabat.

Construction of the project of another stage of urban improvement of yaze Zaman” is given to private construction companies – the members of the union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan.

The first three phases of “Tyaze Zaman” were put into operation in 2014 and 2016; 1828 living houses, houses of health and culture, schools, kindergartens, sport complex, shopping centres and store, celebration hall, public services facility, fire station, telephone station, mosque as well as several park complexes and administration buildings were built there.

Today, new tenants of Ruhabat etrap celebrated house warming party in 384 one- and two-store living houses (for one and two families respectively). The houses are comfortable and have all amenities including spacious rooms with modern furniture, equipped kitchens and terraces. Each house has a piece of land including small garden, place for the livestock, garages, open oven as well as necessary engineering and technical communications.

Inspecting new facility, the President of Turkmenistan paid a guest visit to one of the tenants and the kindergarten where he reviewed computer class.

The builders and project designers of the kindergarten for 160 children put maximum efforts for the kids feel interesting and comfortable there. Beside the computer class, it has language cabinet, art studios, gym and music classroom, swimming pool, canteen and medical station. The bedrooms are equipped with comfortable furniture. Summer terraces and playgrounds are located at the adjoined territory.

The health house presenting broad spectrum of medical services to the patients is one of the main facilities of new complex. The clinic is equipped with the top modern medical hardware.

New two-store school for 600 students is located nearby. The classrooms for initial school and study of different disciplines like math, physics, biology, chemistry and other are equipped with special hardware and visual aids. There are also specialized computer and language classrooms as well as all necessary conditions for work practical lessons of the students are made. There are gyms and sport and physical training grounds with necessary equipment as well.

The Head of the State started the creation of new parking zone of Tyaze Zaman, living estate having planted the first tree. The example of the President of Turkmenistan was followed by the rest of the participants of the ceremony.

On occasion of the event, large Turkmen celebration with original performances after folk motifs was enveloped there. In our days, not a single celebration including house warming party is carried out without national traditions and riots.

Decorated yurt were set up along the road leading to the complex of new facilities. Women were embroidering and weaving and bakhshys were playing dutars sitting on the podiums covered with carpets. Ringing voices were coming from the swings surrounded by the youth. At the same place, one could see spectacular fights of the wrestlers and funny national games. The guests of the ceremony were offered with traditional food.

Ruhabat etrap of Ahal Velayat was included in Ashgabat administration division in 2013 together with number of other settlements and as the result, the territory of the capital was almost doubled. In this relation, new concept of city development was made, which became the base of the general plan and project for detailed urban planning of certain districts.