The students of the Institute of Transport and Communication are the winners of international contest in nomination «For the Best Project and Breakthrough in Robotics»

Turkish Konya hosted XI International Student Contest of robotics where 3200 students and lecturers from almost 400 universities and colleges of Macedonia, Panama, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Greece, Cyprus, Azerbaijan and other, all together from 13 countries, took part. More than 2800 competitive works in 12 nominations were submitted to jury.

Our country was represented at the annual contest organized by the Ministry of Education of Turkey by the team of Turkmen State Institute of Transport and Communication. Its composition included the members of the institute’s Council of Young scientists, the students of communication and railway transport department Ymamberdy Durdiyev and Shirmuhammet Vepayev as well as lecturers of Telecommunication department Vepa Guyjov. Turkmenistan team participating in four nominations headed the three of the prize-winners among foreign participants.

The students’ mentors highlighted that Turkmen team presented not only authors inventions but also the developments of the whole team of the Council of Young Scientists of Turkmen State Institute of Transport and Communication in robotics. During the contest, the functionality of the robots developed in the Institute was demonstrated. These are electronic arm, sumo – robot and labyrinth robot. In particular, electronic arm is designed for different installation works carried out in extreme environment when the specialist is located away from the object and control the process by video camera. The electronic arms also implements into action the idea of the artificial limb for people with limited capabilities.

The box of scientific developments of Turkmen State Institute of Transport and Communication, which were presented at the contest, has several works. These are the system of fingerprints identification developed by the request of the Ministry of Industry of Turkmenistan that is actively cooperates with the Council of Young Scientists of the Institute. Another development is related to the remote control of industrial buildings.

International jury also noted the systems of automated and smart lighting as well as the use of alternative sources of energy. The success of Turkmen team was also enhanced by the local model of netbook developed by the students, which would be put into mass production in the nearest future by Aydyn Gijeler Business Entity of the State Concern “Turkmenmachingurlushyk” of the Ministry of Industry.

Having highly appreciated the collection of innovative developments, the members of jury awarded young Turkmen innovators with the prize of the contest - “For the Best Project and Breakthrough in Robotics”.