The Mukams Palace of the State Cultural Centre hosts celebration concert

Video footage on current achievements were beautiful background of the celebration performance. Lyrical vocal performances laid on the poems of Magtumguly Fragi as well as musical and choreographic numbers reflecting the images made by poetry genius of extraordinary Master of Word harmonically merged into the concert programme.

It was a great pleasure for the spectators to see the performance of musician bakhshys who presented the bouquet of national tunes and songs. Popular stage vocalists performed the dedications to moon-like beauties sang in numerous lyrical works of Turkmen poets were awarded with long applause. Violinists of Mukam ensemble performed original presentation of musical “Thoughts of Magtumguly”.

Choreographic stagings of the State Dance Ensemble as well as ensembles “Niyazly”, “Mengli”, “Galkynysh”, “Miras”, “Serpay” followed by artists performances made each of them bright and expressive.

The programme of the celebration distinguished by the variety of genres and styles – along with famous singers and glorious bands it involved young talents including Gunesh children chorus.

According to the tradition, the concert was accomplished by kushtdepdy dance. This ancient ritual and spectacular dance, which is an integral component of national cultural heritage, is filled with new content in our days, what was outstandingly demonstrated by the performers of gazals, folk band of Balkan Velayat and folk and ethnic groups of five velayats of the country.


The celebrations in honour of the Constitution Day of Turkmenistan and the Day of Magtumguly poetry were held in the parks of the capital – near Magtumguly Monument and Ylham Alley as well as in all cities and villages of our country, in the theatres, modern culture houses and open stages, where national dances and songs glorifying our independent Motherland were performed.