Farmers of Dashoguz Velayat join the harvest of winter crops

The grain fields of the northern region is 157 000 hectares, from which the farmers have to harvest 300 000 tons of grain. Local grain growers preferred such high-yield breeds of wheat like “Sahrai”, “Juvan”, “Bat’ko”, “Yoloten-3”, “Irishka” and “Vassa”, which were recommended in the climate and soil conditions of the region.

338 «John Deere», «Case» and «CLAAS» harvest machines are involved in 2017 harvest. There are more than 30 powerful harvest combines of new modification among them, which were recently delivered to the country by the contract between the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Management and «John Deere International GmbH» (Switzerland) and «Umax Trade GmbH» (Germany).

During the harvest, mobile maintenance teams will provide services to the farmers providing them with all necessary staff like fuel, lubricants and spare parts for the equipment.

The delivery of grain from the fields to 30 reception facilities and 7 elevators located Gyorogly, Boldumsaz and S. Turkmenbashy etrap will be carried out by 1845 tracks. The laboratories of the State Service “Turkemnstandartlary”, which specialists will be performing the test of the quality of the grain, are prepared.

Settlements of the payments with the farmers will be efficiently carried out at local branches of the State Commercial Bank “Dayhanbank”.