39 medals of Asian Championship are in collection of National Sambo team

Our sportsmen won 7 gold, 13 silver and 19 bronze medals at Asian Sport and Combat Sambo Championship in the capital of Uzbekistan.

More than 300 sambo wrestlers from 29 countries participates in the competitions.

Sapar Doveltov and Kerimberdy Dovletov (weight category up to 62 kg), Muhammet Kosekov (up to 68 kg), Rushana Nurjanova (up to 56 kg) and member of national team in 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) Gulbadam Babamuratova (up to 52 kg) stepped to the top of victory podium.

Yagmyr Orazdurdiyev and Enish Merdanov (up to 52 kg), Kasym Populov 9up to 74 kg), Elgun Sultanov (up to 82 kg), Emin Esenov (abve 100 kg), Aziza Nazarov (up to 48 kg), Solmaz Bozaganova (up to 64 kg), Ogulgerek Nurmedova (up to 73 kg), Myahri Mulkiyeva and Dilafruz Yusupova (up to 80 kg) became silver medalists.

The three of the prize-winners was closed by Maksudjan Avlyakuliyev and Eziz Gurbanov 9up to 57 kg), Kossek kossekov (up to 70 kg), Anastasia Zakurdayeva (up to 60 kg), Chinar Cherkezova 9up to 64 kg), Altyn Isaguliyeva (up to 65 kg), Yusup Ismailov (up to 48 kg), Sapa Sapayev (up to 100 kg), Nurberdikhan Orazmammedov (up to 82 kg), Nazar Durdiyev (above 100 kg), Zyba Orunova (up to 68 kg), Abdylla Babayev (up to 68 kg), Serdar Hojamuhammedov (up to 90 kg).

We are expecting new victories from Turkmen athletes.