Session of the State Security Council takes place

The agenda included the discussion of the outcomes of activity of military and law enforcement agencies for the first six-months of 2017.

First, Secretary of the State Security Council, Minister of Defence Y. Berdiyev gave report on the work carried out from January to June as well as on the measures undertaken for consolidation of defensive capability of the country, improvement of service, social and living conditions of military personnel and prestige of military duty.

Having emphasized the importance of recruitment of highly qualified officers to the army, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov instructed the leaders of the Ministry of Defence to pay special attention to training of personnel in the military education institutes under their jurisdiction and hold regular events for patriotic education of young soldiers and improvement of the professionalism of the staff.

Head of the State Border Guard Service B. Gundogdiyev reported on the activity of his structure for six months of this year at land and sea frontiers.

Having listened to the report, the President noted that protection of territorial integrity of the state and its economic interests are the key objectives of the Service. For their successful solution, it is necessary to improve the service of border guard troops and make all conditions for efficient service and proper rest of the warriors.

Minister of Internal Affairs I. Mulikov reported on the work undertake for the first half year as well as on the current situation in the departments under his supervision. Practical measures implemented for prevention of traffic accidents and provision of fire safety as requested by the Leader of the Nation were separate subjects of the report.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, having highlighted that new methods have to be implemented into working processes, addressed the Minister with number of specific orders. Special attention was also paid to improvement of propaganda of healthy life style among the population, prevention of the accidents on the roads as well as to the activities aimed at fire protection.

Chairman of the Supreme Court G. Halliyev reported on the work executed for 6 months on improvement of national judicial system including the improvement of professionalism of its personnel.

Our country steadily follows the course of fundamental reforms and progressive changes, which rest on reliable foundation of the legislation that meets universal standards of international law, the Head of the State mentioned. Speaking of the responsibility of the departments of this structure for the decisions they made, the President highlighted that every case has to be thoroughly studied. In this context, the Head of the State requested to organize regular training sessions for improvement of professional qualification of the judges.

Addressing the members of the State Security Council, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov highlighted that July 5 was adopted as the Day of Judicial Bodies Workers by the Mejlis Resolution on September 12, 2016. The Head of the State congratulated all personnel of the courts with their professional holiday. The establishments of this system together with other law enforcement structures do big work for protection of rights and freedoms of the citizens, legal interests of the state and society, the Head of Turkmenistan continued, having wished the personnel of judicial bodies good health, family prosperity and large success in their responsible work for consolidation of law and provision of justice and order in independent neutral Motherland.

The Chairman of the Supreme Court, having paid tribute to the State Flag, gave a sacred oath and assured President of Turkmenistan, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of Turkmenistan, Army General Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov that personnel of judicial authorities will fulfil all set responsible objectives with honour.

Prosecutor general B . Atdayev reported on the activity of prosecution authorities for the period under review and the measures undertaken for control of strict adherence to legislation acts of the country. The information on fulfilment of the assignments given earlier by the President of Turkmenistan, especially on thorough personnel selection, was given.

Personnel of this structure has to solve blamelessly set objectives with honesty for provision of the supremacy of the law, protection of rights and freedoms of human and citizen as well as the interests of the state and society, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the country highlighted. Implementation of prosecution inspections in different branches of national economy is one of the important directions of work, the President of Turkmenistan mentioned and addressed the assignments on this account.

The President appointed Sh. Garayev as the Deputy Prosecutor General and signed number of related documents during the session.

After, the floor was given to Minister of National Security D. Bayramov who reported on the outcomes of the activity of the ministry for the period under review.

Summing up the report, the Supreme Commander made special mention that the importance of this Service for protection of the interests of the country what is integral condition of successful implementation of the programmes of development of Turkmenistan and gave number of specific objectives to the Minister.

Chairman of the State Custom Service YA. Soyegov, who spoke after, reported on the activity of his department for January – June of this year.

Considering the growth of foreign economic activity and increase of volumes of international cargo traffic, it is necessary to provide thorough control of imported production and its full conformity with set quality standards, the Head of the State said. The President of Turkmenistan also requested to implement good selection and appointment of personnel, to pay great attention to modernization of equipment and facilities base of custom terminals.

After, the floor was given to Chairman of the State Migration Service M. Nobatov who informed on the work performed since the beginning of the year on registration of foreign citizens arriving in our country as well as on the work supporting the expansion of beneficial international cooperation.

The activity of all links of the Migration Service has to be aimed at provision of strict control of foreign guests arriving in Turkmenistan on business or as tourists. Owing to developed infrastructure, Ashgabat is a place of important regional and international level events, where 2017 Asia Games is one of the most expected one. Having focused the attention on number of immediate objectives of the Service, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov requested to provide the conditions meeting international standards for migration procedures during the Games.

After, Director of the State Anti-Economic Crimes Service M. Chakiyev reported on the fulfilment of the objectives outlined in the State Anti-Corruption Programme.

Having listened to the report, the President of the country noted that detection, prevention and investigation of economic crimes related with causing losses to the state in accordance with national legislation are among the main functions of this structure. In this context, it is required to train high-class specialists, the Supreme Commander has said and addressed the head of the Service with number of assignments.

Minister of Justice B. Muhammedov reported on the work on drafts of new bills performed for January – June period as well as on the explanation of regulatory and legal acts to the population under systematic citizens’ reception.

Having made an accent on the necessity of further comprehensive development of legislation base of the country, the Head of the State noted the importance of study of the world’s advanced practices in legal sphere and its active implementation. At the same time, it is necessary to provide qualified legal assistance to the population including in rural areas, the President said, having addressed the Minister with concrete assignments.

Summing up the outcomes of the session, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces Army General Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov clearly outlined the main directions of the work of law enforcement structures in the nearest future and requested to pay special attention to improvement of the responsibility of the heads of all Services for their work.

The importance of proper preparation of V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games, to which numerous guest will arrive in Turkmen capital, was highlighted. The duty of every military man is to stay on guard of legal state system and to fight uncompromisingly with any violations and crimes, consolidating the basis of peace and stability in the country, prosperity of the citizens, Turkmen leader stated.

The Government takes care of the military personnel and their family members. Complex measures for establishment of necessary conditions for improvement of social and living conditions, proper rest, honest service of Motherland defenders are carried out. The works in this direction would be continued, the President has noted and highlighted that the personnel of these structures would be always under the patronage of the State.