The Head of State outlined the vectors of the country's development for the second half of the year

At an extended meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers on July 7th, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov delivered a speech in which he summarized the results of the first half of the year.

Over the period since the beginning of the year, necessary steps have been taken to promote reforms aimed at bringing our country to the level of developed democratic states of the world, the Head of State said.

In the foreign policy sphere, the country invariably follows the course of intensifying partnership with the United Nations Organization, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the European Union, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the Commonwealth of Independent States and other international structures. This policy is directed on resolution of environmental problems, development of transport infrastructure, education and culture, protection of human rights and freedoms, and strengthening of universal security.

As for the internal strategy, we carry out reliable fiscal and monetary policy. The volume of investments directed to the infrastructure of private and public sectors is growing.

In a number of sectors of the national economy, good results were achieved in the production of goods and services, which made it possible to achieve GDP growth of 6.4 percent.

The revenues of the State budget also increased. This enabled us to increase the average wage by 9 percent. In the given parameters, the national currency - manat - remains stable.

There is a large-scale construction of industrial and social facilities. The country is building about 1,900 large facilities worth almost 47 billion US dollars. Particularly gratifying is the growing number of facilities being built by national construction companies. As I have already noted, almost 1,800 of the 1,900 objects currently being built are built by local entrepreneurs.

In the first half of this year, 59 large facilities, residential buildings, including high comfort level apartment blocks, with a total area of 632,500 square meters were put into operation. The cost of these facilities is about 2 billion US dollars. As a result of the launch of new facilities, a large number of additional jobs have been created, the President said.

Particular attention is paid to the diversification of the economy. State programs for the production of import-substituting goods and increasing volumes of export-oriented products and the formation of electronic industry are being successfully implemented.

Emphasizing that Ashgabat is preparing for the 5th Asian Games, as well as a number of important international events, the Head of State outlined the key tasks facing the government in the second half of the year.

Turning to R. Meredov, the President noted the need to develop an action plan for the participation of international organizations in the 5th Asian Games.

It is necessary to thoroughly prepare for the large international conferences envisaged before the end of the year and hold them at a high organizational level. This is the Regional Economic Forum on Afghanistan, activities related to Turkmenistan's chairmanship in the Energy Charter, as well as the International Day of Neutrality, as well as to prepare for foreign visits and the reception of government delegations from other states, the Turkmen leader said.

B.Hojamammedov and the heads of the financial and economic bloc should take all measures to improve the levers of macroeconomic regulation, continue reforming the financial and banking sector, the Head of State instructed.

It is important to properly carry out work on the formation of the securities market, privatization. We should send a substantial amount of investments for the development of infrastructure, education and health care, and more widely introduce the latest technologies in production. Along with this, it is necessary to ensure further growth of wages in all sectors of the economy.

The attention of A.Nurberdyeva, vice-premiers, hakims, heads of ministries and branch departments was focused on the formation of the State Budget for the next year.

It is absolutely necessary to provide funds for the construction of housing for people who need it in each etrap and city in the main financial document of the next year, said the President, referring to B. Hojamammedov.

S.Toylyev, the hakims of the velayats and the city of Ashgabat before the beginning of the academic year, need to ensure construction and operation of new high quality schools, and to perform repair work in the existing higher and secondary educational institutions.

E.Orazgeldiyev, governors of velayats and etraps, heads of the agricultural complex were instructed to take effective steps to implement agrarian sector development programs.

A good crop of cotton ripens in the fields. Given the importance of this culture for our country, it is important to properly carry out all the necessary agricultural measures for the cultivation of cotton. It is necessary to immediately prepare the machinery for the harvesting campaign, so that the rich harvest can be harvested without losses.

Special attention should be paid to the implementation of the General Program for the provision of settlements with clean drinking water, the President noted.

Attention of D. Amangeldiev, Ashgabat's hakim Sh.Durdylyev, heads of ministries and sectoral departments, hakims of velayats and etraps was accentuated on the need for high-quality construction of buildings and structures, their commissioning in a timely manner. The maintenance of roads, housing stock, parks and squares in the cities and villages of the country, and especially in the capital, should be a special concern, the Head of State said.

It is absolutely necessary to complete the construction of all facilities scheduled for commissioning for the new academic year, the 5th Asian Games, Independence Day and the Day of Neutrality.

In addition, the construction program for 2018 should be started immediately, in which, as before, special attention should be paid to the construction of houses, schools, kindergartens and other social facilities.

M.Aydogdyev, deputy chairmen of the Cabinet of Ministers, heads of industries pointed were out the need to take measures to implement state programs for the production of import-substituting and increasing volumes of export-oriented products, the formation of the electronic industry, the creation of joint industrial ventures and new jobs.

The chairman of the Supreme Control Chamber, Ch. Gylydjov, was instructed to monitor the implementation of these programs and to report on the results at an expanded meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers devoted to the results of the year.

A.Garadzhayev, heads of the Ministry of Culture, Press and Television were instructed to disclose the essence and significance of the grandiose work deployed within the framework of implementing the most important strategic programs, to continue work to strengthen our country's cultural ties with various countries of the region and the world, to identify talented artists and present them to international community. It is necessary to develop friendly relations with foreign culture and art figures, the President noted.

It is necessary to hold a high-level competition "Türkmeniň Altyn asyry". It is necessary to carefully prepare for the 5th Asian Games, Independence Day, the Day of Neutrality and the New Year, to create interesting TV shows, new stage productions, as well as musical, vocal and other works.

M.Babayev, heads of the oil and gas complex should continue to implement measures to improve the structure of the complex, exclude unnecessary links in the management system, streamline the financial situation that has developed between the branch institutions.

It is necessary to continue work on diversification of routes for the supply of energy carriers to world markets. To this end, it is necessary to build oil and gas pipelines with high quality, to open new deposits of hydrocarbon raw materials. We must do our best to achieve a clear, productive operation of the oil and gas complex.

B.Annamededov, the leaders of the complex of transport and communications, need to systematically develop communication facilities, in particular, the cellular communication system, introduce the latest technologies in production, expand access to the Internet. It is necessary to expand the range of operation of the national artificial satellite, to work out the issue of launching a second satellite, which should be launched on low orbit.

We need to pay special attention to the training of personnel in all areas of work, as well as obtaining international certificates.

In connection with the increased volume of passenger transportation in summer, it is necessary to improve the quality of service on all types of transport, the President said.

O. Gurbannazarov, heads of ministries and trade departments of the trade complex have been instructed to continue measures to provide the population with high-quality goods.

Concluding the speech, the Head of State stressed that on July 21st it is necessary to mark the Day of Health and Medical Industry Workers at a high organizational level. On this day, it is planned to open and commission a number of medical centers.