Turkmen delegation visited "John Deere» company’s plants

Photo: Suleyman Chariyev

Specialists of a number of ministries and departments of Turkmenistan visited the leading machine-building enterprises of Germany, including the largest plants of “John Deere” located in Mannheim, Bruchsal and Zweibrücken, where they familiarized with the production process. Turkmen delegation also visited the European Technology and Innovation Center (ETIC) in Kaiserslautern.

The company «John Deere» is one of the old and reliable partners of the domestic agribusiness. The world-famous American brand has been represented on the Turkmen market for more than 20 years, offering the most modern samples of agricultural machinery. For more than two decades of the partnerships, "John Deere" has proven perfectly themselves in our fields; their reliability and efficiency are appreciated by farmers.

In December last year, a contract was signed with “John Deere International GmbH” (Swiss Confederation) for the purchase of 1,000 350 units of agricultural machinery, as well as large lots of plows, seeders, spare parts and other components, consumables. They will be delivered during 2017-2020.

In accordance with this contract, large batches of grain harvesters "John Deere W540" have already been delivered to the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources. The next stage involves the delivery of 400 tractors "John Deere 8245R" to the arable season. The first 60 machines have already arrived in our country, 200 hundred cotton harvesters "John Deere 9970" are expected at the beginning of cotton harvesting. Hundreds of harvesters of this model will be also sent to Turkmenistan to the "white" harvest season of 2018.

The state, buying technics of the newest modifications with improved functional characteristics thereby creates conditions for stable increase in the volume of production of agricultural products, including, at the expense of field work in optimal agrotechnical terms and with high quality.

With this in mind, was compiled the program of the working trip of the Turkmen delegation to Germany, where several «John Deere" plants are located. Thus, Mannheim produces agricultural equipment for individual customer orders. The operability of the assembly line is impressive: a tractor is assembled here, on average, for 3.5 hours. The Bruchsal plant specializes in assembling of tractor cabs. Here is also located European Parts Distribution Center (E-PDC), one of the largest in the world, which also serves the CIS, Africa and the Middle East.

The delegation was particularly interested in Zweibrucken plant, where a workshop is located for assembling combine harvesters, including "John Deere W540". Our specialists were given an opportunity to get acquainted with the production technology in detail, assess the quality of the work performed on site.

The European Technology and Innovation Center (ETIC) is the main source of advanced solutions, the open "John Deere" in the city of Kaiserslautern.

Training seminars were organized for Turkmen specialists on management of "John Deere" equipment, as well as presentation on "Agricultural management" in addition to familiarization with the technical and technological capabilities of machine-building plants.

There was also a meeting with the heads of the European office of "John Deere". During the "round table" conversation the prospects of business partnership were discussed in the context of development of Turkmenistan agricultural sector, which relies on the latest scientific achievements, the latest technologies, innovative developments.

Representatives of the European office of "John Deere" announced a proposal to open in our country a specialized educational center equipped with all necessary equipment for virtual - distance and video training, confirming by this the huge interest in developing mutually beneficial cooperation with Turkmenistan on a long-term basis. The subjects of training programs for engineers, technicians, machine operators, students will be the most diverse, for example, diagnostics, maintenance and repair of machinery, management and set up of machines, etc.