Key targets of health protection strategy are discussed

Ashgabat hosted joint session of interdepartmental working commission. Representatives of the leading scientific and clinical centres, ministries and departments, administrations of regions and Ashgabat took part in the meeting organized by the Ministry of Health Care and Medical Industry.

During the session, the reports on fulfilment of the subjects of national strategy outlined in Health Programme, Ashgabat Declaration on Prevention and Treatment of Non-infectious Diseases, Programme on Provision of Traffic Safety in Turkmenistan for 015 -2017 and National Programme of Healthy Nutrition of Turkmenistan Population for 2013 – 2017 were presented.

It was mentioned that Head of the State Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov pays special attention to the work on prevention and treatment of non-infectious diseases. Concentration of efforts in prevention of risk factors related to non-infectious diseases is one of the important methods of reduction of such diseases. First, this is anti-tobacco campaign, propaganda of healthy nutrition and physical training and sports, work on early detection and timely treatment of the diseases.

Actual data indicate that timely implementation of these measures reduce considerably the necessity of complex treatment. The State Health Programme includes following priorities: development of initial medical aid, professional training and qualification improvement of medical personnel, improvement of diagnostic service and equipment and facilities base of the branch, development of preventative medicine and provision of high quality medical services to the population.

The greatest effect in realization of this programme is achieved by combination with social policy, which main aspect is a popularization of sports and public physical training movement, establishment of modern health care infrastructure including sanatorium, resort and sports sphere, tourism and recreation industry on top of medical institutions. All of these is aimed at formation of such society where the health is appreciated as a highest value.

Great attention was paid to specific measures for healthy nutrition, psychological state of the population during the session of interdepartmental commission. The fact of the works, which are steadily undertaken in this direction, indicates the integrity of the Governmental approach to the health issues of Turkmen citizens.

The participants of the meeting outlined actual directions for further consolidation of efforts for fulfilment of national programmes and projects on health care sphere.

Health Programme is a generator of new ideas and approaches in further improvement of the model of national medicine starting from the prevention of diseases and establishment of the principles of healthy life style to attraction of innovative technologies and wide international cooperation.

Super modern clinics and scientific centres, which do not yield to foreign analogues by the equipment and variety of services, have been built and are under construction. Enterprises for production of medicine from herbs and plants of Turkmen fauna have been opened. Partnership with largest medical centres and scientific research facilities of the world has been established. At present time, International Surgery and Endocrinology Centre, Avaza sanatorium and children polyclinic in Mary are under construction.

Improvement of legal base, adoption of number of laws especially On Health Protection of the Citizens, On Quality and Safety of Food Production, On Health Protection of the Citizens from the exposure to tobacco smoke and consequences of tobacco consumption and other are the guarantee of the progress in health care field. The requirements to the work of sanitary and epidemiological services, state monitoring of the quality of products and drinking water produced in the country and imported from abroad were intensified.

International certificates on elimination of number of infectious diseases in the country as well as the fact that practices of national medical personnel in this field is recommended for implementation in the states of the European region of the WHO are undisputable recognition of the success of Turkmenistan in solution of health protection issues.

Orientation of medical sphere to innovative way of development, implementation of advanced achievements of the world science, training of highly qualified specialists are important directions of the Governmental policy.

The expansion of cooperation of medical university of the country with the leading scientific and educational institutions of the world is an example of successful international contacts in this direction. Lecturers and students of the State medical University had practical work in foreign universities, do joint studies and participate in scientific conferences under this dialog.

While developing national policy of health care taking into account the the Millennium Development Goals and regional strategy Health – 2020, Head of the State Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov does not only make important proposals on wide international partnership but also creates all conditions for their practical implementation.

International exhibition and scientific conference “Health”, which are traditionally timed to professional holiday of Turkmen medical personnel, is an efficient ground for intensification of cooperation in this sphere. This annual forum has become one of the largest and prestigious and it supports the implementation of modern achievements of medical science.

This year, regional conference on gestational diabetes is planned during coming holiday in Ashgabat. It will also support broad familiarization of foreign participants of the forum with the achievements of national medicine and share of the experience on prevention of diabetes of pregnant women.

New concept of national health care laid by the Head of the State to programme documents, successfully implemented reforms open large opportunities for bringing national medicine to highest international level.

In its turn, it serves as a basis for the development of health improving and medical tourism in Turkmenistan. Modern ideas of the tourism are closely related to support of healthy life style and endeavour of people to bright impressions and travels and interlaced with health improving aspect more often. Healing features of natural and climate conditions, mineral springs, treatment muds deposits are important components of tourism attraction.

Taking into account unique healing features of local natural resources as well as under large modern base of national health care system, which continues expanding, our country will be able to compete deservingly with popular destinations of the world medical tourism.

The slogan of the Year of Health and Inspiration also reflects the integrity and system approach of the State to nation’s health problems. The health of population, development of physical training and sports movement in the country, implementation of its tourism potential via active international cooperation, these three important directions of the policy of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov are united in remarkable project – 2107 Ashgabat.

Number of events dedicated to the coming V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games and aimed at establishment of healthy life style in the society were held for the last six months of the year.

In this context, the events on occasion of the World Health Day as well as traditionally held the month of public mass sports, physical training and health improving and cultural events are remarkable.

Month of combating the use of tobacco was held in May of this year in the country. The fact that National programme for 2017 – 2021 for realization of the Framework Convention of the WHO for combating tobacco addiction was instituted in the first half of the year for propaganda of the combat of this harmful habit, improvement of health and increase of longevity, implementation of efficient measures for making Turkmenistan tobacco free country until 2025 is worth mentioning. Our country serves as a leader in many directions of anti-tobacco movement trying to make its contribution in this work.

The first graduation of the specialists of the faculty of sports medicine, founded at the State Medical University in accordance with priority tasks of the development of sports sphere and formation of healthy life style is another demonstrative feature in the subject of integrity and systematic approach of the development of modern national health care.