Historical and cultural heritage of the eastern region attracts the scientists

Group of Turkmen scientists led by scientific specialist of the Institute of Manuscripts of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan Nabat Melyayeva made ethnographic expedition to Lebap Velayat.

They gathered interesting materials in Galkynysh etrap. Previously, this region was called Deynau and local residents Ahmet Abdrahmanov and Hemra Pirliye told about its toponymy and etymology.

So called “lecheck toy” riot exists in this region from long time age. This is honouring ceremony of woman who started adult life. Owing to the oldest citizen of Goynuk village 90-years old Mivegul Nazarova, the members of the expedition wrote down video diary of original ceremony, which is accompanied by the cooking of special national meals.

The scientists met art director of folk band “Altyn Zehin” Tagan Gichgeldiyev in administrative centre of Galkynysh etrap. The art group includes three dozens of people of different age and professions. What’s interesting the it is not only the citizens of administrative centre but also of the nearest villages.

Amateur artists carefully preserves original musical heritage of the ancestors. Tagan Gichgeldiyev told the guests about ancient dances Helese and Sedire and their semantic message.

Old settlement Dargan-gala presents special interest not only for the scientists in the most remote Birata etrap. It occupies the territory of 8 hectares and related to VII – VIII centuries. That is why the local population has another name for it – Kone-gala, which means “old settlement”. The settlement was in Khoresm State (historical and cultural area on the north of the Central Asian in Amudarya downstream) and was the second after Urgench city by the importance and after entering the State of Turkmens – Seljouks had a real boom. The development was favoured by the location in good place for crossing Amudarya River.

Mongolian invasion in XIII century destroyed Dargan-gala. Today, this historical monument is under Government’s protection. The settlement is located on high hill and comfortable stairs goes to it. Teachers of secondary schools of the etrap bring the children here for excursions.

Meeting of the scientists with dutar makers was the most memorable in Seydi city.