Prospectors of mineral resources call Uzynada a treasure island

New deposit Yzynada translated as long island appeared on geological map of our country, According to geologists, it belongs to the deposit zone of Kyzyl-Kum Lowland, which is located not higher than 200 meters above the sea level. The name of field and surrounding landscape indicates that there were an island long time ago. Blue waves were replaced with sand dunes wandering from one place to another under the wind effect.

The prospectors of mineral resources called thus place a treasure island while researching it. The name justify the wealth of subsoil reserve. Special feature of Uzynada is that gas is located on the depth of red layer, which can be opened only by powerful drilling installation able to reach 7000 meters depth.

Chinese make deep drilling installation «ZJ-70DB» was delivered to assist the team of Korpeje Drilling Department of the State Concern Turkmenneft. Project depth of new exploration well No. 7 is 7150 meters and has no analogues in the region.

The results of the drilling exceeded all expectations. During the excavation of the horizons, rich industrial flow of natural hydrocarbon material was received on 6689 – 6695 meters depth what visually indicates the perspectives of this field. Daily debit of new well is 500 thousand cubic meters of gas and 150 tons of gas condensate, which are so essential for further development of fuel and energy complex of the country and national economy in general.

At present moment, the drilling of other two deep wells is carried out at this gas bearing field as well as relative scope of works related to construction of roads, engineering and communication, production and technical and other infrastructures is made for gas producers of Uzynada.