Strategy for the information and advertising support of the 5th Asian Games became a major topic of the briefing

Photo: Meret Rozyev

In the conference hall of the executive committee for preparation for the 5th AIMAG the briefing organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan and the executive committee of the Asian Games took place.

At the meeting with participation of heads of editorial boards of printed media, television and radio channels, local journalists and foreign correspondents accredited to Turkmenistan, representatives of large media companies "Laurel" and «Medialuso» were also invited.

An extended coverage of grandiose sports events to be held in Ashgabat, their information-advertising support in mass-media became the main themes of the meeting.

During the briefing it was underlined that the Games which will take place with participation of the best athletes from 64 states of Asia and Oceania under the motto «Health. Inspiration. Friendship», open real possibilities for transformation of our state into one of the leaders of international sports cooperation on the continent, its effective integration into the system of world Olympic movement. It, certainly, will increase the international authority of Turkmenistan, promote the strengthening of friendly and business contacts, and stimulate development of national economy, cultural life and tourist industry. That is why, issues of wide popularisation of the Asian Games -2017 is attached a special significance.

As was marked, various actions and sports events are urged to serve in the capital and regions to this purpose. The 500-day horse marathon initiated by the head of the state which finishes on the opening day of the Asian Games on the main arena of the Olympic village is unique for its importance and scale. Thanks to television reports and newspaper publications on the course of this marathon the world learns of monuments of history and culture, unique nature, national customs and colourful ceremonies of our country.

A great value in the context of popularisation of the Games and recognition of principles of healthy life also has mass bicycle race which took place in honour of 50 days to the start of the large scale sports event in Ashgabat.