Development of natural resources of Koytendag is to improve social and economic progress of the region

Photo: Yuri SHKURIN

Lebap Cement Plant was built four years ago in the eastern region. For this period, the facility produced 623 000 tons of high quality construction material, which partially exported to Afghanistan.

According to logistic principles, the plant was built in Koytendag etrap, which is rich with minerals. Necessary material like lime, silica sand, gypsum and clay are produced in nearby opencast mines. During implementation of the project, the main attention was paid to three key directions – quality of cement, efficiency and ecological compatibility.

Modern equipment from the best world manufacturers is installed at the plant. All technology cycle is automated. Monitoring of product quality is performed by the personnel of three laboratories equipped with modern instruments for chemical, spectral, physical and technological analyses.

Important construction component of the most demanded brands is produced daily at the conveyor of the enterprise. These are the cement of high durability Portland brand, grouting mortar cement for oil and gas industry as well as sulphate resistant cement used for construction of hydro technical facilities.

Ore dressing complex for production of potassium fertilizers with 1.4 million tons capacity per annum has been commissioned in the end of this March next to the cement plant. Large-scale project was implemented in collaboration with Belarusian partners. On the day of the opening, the specialist of the enterprise told on remarkable fact that ground waters came up at the advance of the mine on 11 – 60 meters depth; high mineral concentration of water indicates on the richness of Garlyk deposits.

Beside Garlyk field, Karabil and Leylimekan potassium salts deposits were explored in the south of Lebap Velayat and the tender for construction of another ore-dressing complex was announced.

Development of perspective industrial branches like chemical and construction will be the start point for steadfast development of the eastern region, social and economic achievements, creation of new work places and improvement of wellbeing of the population.

It is just left to add that an integrated approach was used for rapid development of the minerals and innovative and industrial development of the south of Lebap Velayat. Atamurat – Kerkichy modern automobile and railroad bridges across Amudarya River have been built and it opened wide opportunities for export of high quality and competitive construction and chemical production made on the right bank of the river.