Souvenir coins dedicated to V Asian Games are issued

Photo: Palvan Geldiyev

The Central Bank of Turkmenistan issued the set of two memorable coins on occasion of V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games including gold and silver coins 100 manat each. Samples of the coins were demonstrated at the session of the Cabinet of Minister of Turkmenistan.

The centre of the obverse of both coins bears the symbol of the coming Games. The right side of the obverse has a sign «Türkmenistan Ashgabat 2017» and the left one - «5th Asian Indoor & Martial Arts Games». «ÝAPYK BINALARDA WE SÖWEŞ SUNGATY BOÝUNÇA V AZIÝA OÝUNLARY» sign is located on the top and «Aşgabat 2017» in the bottom part.

The centre of the reverse of the coins has National Emblem and semi-circle sign «TÜRKMENISTANYŇ MERKEZI BANKY» on the top. The bottom part bears the sign «ÝÜZ MANAT» - the value of the coin, the hallmark on the left side (Au 916.7 on the gold and Ag 925 on the silver) and the weight on the right (39.94 gr and 28.28 gr on gold and silver medals accordingly). The signs are divided by octagonal ornaments. The diameter of the coins is 38.61 mm.