Turkmen capital welcomes Ashgabat 2017 Games

Photo: Yuri Shkurin

Ashgabat, the capital of independent neutral Turkmenistan, is a city of love, inspiration and youth. It meets us with broad streets, shady alleys of gardens and parks.

Forever young sunny Ashgabat is growing and transforming, impressing with delicate architecture and stylistic harmony. White-marble city with wide streets and avenues lined with original green decoration with new squares, fountain and parking complexes, magnificent monuments is a pearl of the east. Its buildings stand with the proud, shining domes point to the sky and the borders are expanded coming closer to the Kopetdag foothills.

We are proud that our beloved city became a symbol of peace loving, openness and hospitality, the place of international forums, representative political meetings and cultural events.

At present, Turkmen capital is getting ready for Ashgabat 2017 Games. It meets large sports festival in neat dress. Friendly and energetic Vepaly the alabay meets the guests of the capital at the railway station and at international Airport.

The symbols of Asian Games are harmonically merged to the urban decoration highlighting the atmosphere of grandiose sports festival, to which Turkmen capital is getting ready with inspiration and joy. The avenues and main streets of Ashgabat have been changed on the threshold of the Games. They are decorated with bright illumination, LED signs, monitors and placards with the emblems of the Games.

Super modern multifunctional Olympic village is an architectural dominant of the capital. Combination of modern elements and constructivism in architecture, which harmonically exists framed by original design solutions national symbols, high technology provision of the facilities and organizational innovations reflect the dynamics of the transformations in the country and bear the same messages of the Games that aimed at achievement of sports victories and consolidation of the trust between the nations.

The uniqueness of the appearance of the capital is given by sculptural compositions reflecting aesthetic culture of Turkmen society, historical and cultural succession. The image of glorious ahalteke horse has become its integral element. The speed and impetuous tread of the steed are consonant with the rhythms of the age and symbolize our strive to peace, progress and national prosperity. It is symbolical that this is the monumental embodiment of legendary winged horse that decorated the main sport arena of Ashgabat 2017 Games, which slogan is: Health, Inspiration. Friendship.