Turkmenistan National Team Adds 27 Medals to Its Count

Today saw competition in 12 sports, including medal events in 8 of them. This day our national team took 27 medals including 10 gold in belt wrestling, kurash and billiard.

Turkmenistan National Team maintains a confident lead on the table with a total of 175 medals, 69 of which are gold, 51 are silver and 55 are bronze.

Competition continues in belt wrestling with freestyle alysh. Our athletes showed their excellent skills, 12 wrestlers advancing to the finals. By the end of the day, the following members of Turkmenistan National Team landed gold medals: Vepa Orazmyradov in +100 kg; Seydi Batyrov in -100 kg; Tirkishgeldi Ayazov in 60 kg; Hangeldi Allakov in 70 kg; Garmammet Shamammedov in 80 kg; Arslan Ibraimgulyyev in 90 kg men’s categories; and Gulnar Hayytbayeva in 65 kg and Nasiba Surkiyeva in 75 kg women’s categories.

Silver medals were added to our team’s count by Maksuda Yegemberdyyeva (+75 kg); Merjen Inatullaeva (55 kg); Zarina Abdyrahmanova (60 kg); Dinara Hallyeva (65 kg); Rano Uzakova (70 kg); Jahan Muhammedova (75 kg).

Bronze medals in freestyle alysh were won for Turkmenistan National Team by Annamyrat Myradov in +100 kg; Jangeldi Medov in 70 kg; Aly Allaberdiyev in 80 kg men’s categories; and Saodat Ishmuratova in 70 kg women’s category.

Today was also the final day of kurash competitions. Medals were contested in several weight categories. Gold was won for Turkmenistan by Zarina Saparova in -48 kg; silver was awarded to Sayyara Yereshova in 52 kg women’s category.

Bronze medals were won by Begench Begaliyev in +100 kg; Guvanch Begaliyev in 100 kg men’s category; and Aynur Amanova in 52 kg and Mehriban Kurbanova in 57 kg women’s category.

Turkmen billiard players were successful in Russian Pyramid Dynamic Style, scoring various medals. In a final game, Annamamed Annamamedov landed gold outpointing Kamaladdin Babayev 5:4. The latter secured a second spot in the standings. Bronze medal was won by Batyr Geldiyev.

Competitions in taekwondo at Ashgabat 2017 Games finished with contests in team and single Poomsae, where the judges evaluated the athletes’ motions techniques.

Today also saw women’s singles in bowling. Unfortunately, at the conclusion of competition our athletes dropped out of the medal race.

Group qualifiers were quite successful for our men’s 3x3 basketball team. Turkmenistan’s National Team won the right to advance to the quarterfinals after a confident 20:13 win against the Group B leader, Iraq. Lebanon outpointed Tajikistan 17:14. Turkmenistan National Team that is currently ranked second in its group will meet with Qatar that is listed in top spot in Group C. Another quarterfinals pair are Iraq and Samoa.

In women’s basketball, contest finished in Group C, with Uzbekistan and Jordan leaving the tournament. All quarterfinalists have been defined.

Turkmen weightlifter, Dayanch Ashirov, came fourth in 85 kg weight category. Prizes were won by athletes from Iraq, Uzbekistan and the IRI.

In track cycling men competed in team pursuit and sprint, while women took part in KEIRIN.

Tennis courts saw singles and doubles action in quarterfinals. In doubles, our players, Anastasia Prenko and Isa Mametgulyyev. conceded 7:6, 6:4 to Nuttanon Kadchapanan and Nicha Lertpitaksinchai of Thailand and finished the race a step away from semifinals.

After two match days, two Turkmen chess players, Hanjar Odeyev and Mahri Geldiyeva, have 3 wins each; Meylis Annaberdiyev and Bahar Hallayeva earned 2.5 and 2 points each respectively. Competitions continue.

Short course swimming began with freestyle, breaststroke and medley. In the final of women’s 4x50 medley relay Turkmenistan National Team finished seventh. Hong Kong was the winning team.