The concert of Igor Moiseyev Dance Ensemble opens the Days of Russian Culture

Photo: Yuri Shkurin

Days of Culture of Russian Federation in Turkmenistan have been ceremonially opened. Cultural event was timed to official visit of President of Russian Federation to Ashgabat and indicates the importance of cultural and humanitarian sphere in strategic partnership of two friendly nations that has received new impulse to the development during current high-level meeting.

Current events, organized according to the Programme of cooperation between two ministries for 2015 – 2017, is one of remarkable steps in further closer relations of two great cultures and nations.

The heads of cultural spheres of two countries addressed the greetings to the participants. Minister of Culture of Russian Federation Vladimir Medinsky sent his greetings to the participants of the event where he expressed his confidence that all planned events would have vivid response of Turkmenistan citizens and would serve to consolidation of historical close friendly relations between our people.

After, bright performance has expanded at the stage of the Mukams Palace. Russia was represented by Igor Moiseyev State Academic Folk Dance Ensemble, the legendary and the first in the world professional choreographic band that make artistic interpretation and propaganda of dance folklore of the world’s nations. The ensemble, which was 80 years old this year, is an original hallmark of Russia and is soul personified in the dance. From its first foreign performances, it deservingly serves its mission as Russian Ambassador of Peace.

The programme of performances in Ashgabat is symbolically called “At the Guest and at Home” what reflects the variety of numbers representing the dances of different nations. At the same time, this name, according to the artists, highlights historical and cultural similarity of our nations and transfer the depths of fraternal feelings.

The repertory of the ensemble includes separate numbers and programmes dedicated to different nations of the world. Together with Russian national dances, the artists outstandingly perform Bashkir, Buryat, Vietnamese, Argentinian, Nanay, Korean, Spanish, German and other dances, which were staged by Igor Moiseyev. He is a founder of his own dance school and original choreographic manner.

The light is deemed in the hall and the play starts on the stage – this is how the programme of the concert including around dozen of numbers can be named.

The performance of the band starts for the famous dance “Summer” that that conveys typical national features of celebration art from tender melodiousness and lyricism to dashing ardour. Beautiful Russian landscape projected on the screen is supplemented by gracious moves of the dancers dressed in birch tree costumes. Bright costumes, plasticity of body and soul that have been put to the dance invariably bring emotional response of the spectators who expressed their delight by loud applauses.

Choreographic journey around the world is continued. The artists convey the traditions and customs of different nations in bright dance compositions. They take the spectators to Kalmyk steppes, to loud Moldavian celebration, to Mexico, invite to try Uzbek plov or join Greek sertaki or to the dance of Argentinian shepherds Gaucho…passionate Aragon jota where the couples vigorously clank the castanets eating the rhyme of Northern Spain are replaced with men’s dances.

The ensemble is composed of high professional dancers who are able to make complex choreographic actions on high performance level. Turkmen dance brightly performed by the band that was met by storm of applause was an excellent proof to that. Marine suite “The Day on the Ship” crowned by everlasting “Yablochko” was performed in the end.

Photo exhibition “The Nature of Russian North” has been opened in the hall of Mukams Palace within the Days of Culture of Russian federation in Turkmenistan. The exposition includes dozens of bright works, which were presented previously at International Photo Art Festival “With Northerners Eyes” by professional and amateur photographers from Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Finland and Norway. This vernisage has alrady visited Philippines, Cambodia and Laos.

The works of photo masters are distinguished by original compositional and colour solutions and fine feeling of nature.

There are also exhibitions in the hall of Mukams Palace narrating of the riches spiritual heritage of Turkmenistan and modern achievements of our country in culture and art.

Next day, demonstration of modern Russian movies will be held in Ashgabat Cinema Centre under this cultural event. Master class of the artists of Igor Moiseyev dance band for the students of choreographic school and dance bands of Ashgabat is to be held in Turkmen State Institute of Culture.

Cultural programme including familiarization with the places of interest of Ashgabat and unique exhibits of its museums, State Historical and Cultural Sanctuary Ancient Nisa has been prepared for the guests from Russia.