A next issue of the magazine “National Army” was dedicated to the “Ashgabat 2017” Games

Photo: Maxim PAPANOV

It was published a next issue of the magazine “Milli goşun” (“National Army”), edited by the Ministry of Defense of Turkmenistan. The issue was dedicated to the “Ashgabat 2017” Games, held in September, which were participated by the Turkmen champions, who won many medals of various denominations.

The publication demonstrated high professionalism of military correspondents who gave coverage to the Games. Authors of the publications were both experienced holders and young recruits who recently proceeded with army service. In materials, saturated with vivid images and metaphors, they were able to skillfully convey those unforgettable emotions, experienced by viewers of the grand sport holiday in the Turkmen capital.

Emphasizing the importance of the past Games, authors focused on the high organizational level. One of the articles tells about the military sports club “Merkezi goşun”, which members have won dozens of medals, proving that our talented fighters are able not only to compete head-to-head with famous athletes of the continent, but win them.

Also the issue placed a material, devoted to the military institutions’ students, which were among the “first stars” of the “Ashgabat 2017” Games’ volunteer movement. Among them were young broad-minded people, speaking several foreign languages, who hospitably welcomed and accompanied guests of the capital during the Asian Games.

Great attention was paid by the authors to the magazine’s illustrative component, publishing on its pages the photos of military photographers, imprinting the moments of long-expected victory of our athletes.

The issue is designed with informative charts as well that refer to informative facts about the “Ashgabat 2017” Games. One of them illustrates growth dynamics in medal count, won by the Turkmen champions in the international competitions. Particularly, if over 2012 the national team of Turkmenistan gained 271 awards at the World Championships, so during this year’s 9 months – almost in two and a half times more. During this short period, our competitors brought 654 medals of various denominations to the country.

The article about the 500-day-long distance test is accompanied by an interesting cartographic 5th Asian Games’ torch route identifier from ancient Nisa to the Metropolitan Olympic Village – each stop of riders in towns and villages of Turkmenistan and distance, ridden by them. Centerfolds depict army athletes, proudly showing their medals, gained at the 5th Asian Games.