A number of women of Turkmenistan are decorated with the Order of Zenan Kalby for their contribution to the unity and solidarity of society

The President of Turkmenistan has signed a Decree on decorating the following citizens of Turkmenistan with the Order of Zenan Kalby for their big personal contribution to strengthening independence and sovereignty of Turkmenistan; enhancing the unity, integrity and moral principles of Turkmen society and every family; ensuring the continuity of the Turkmen nation’s spiritual roots and traditions; promoting cultural development; fostering respect to our national values, historical heritage, ancient customs and rites in young people, cultivating love for their native country and work; upbringing them in the spirit of courage and heroism; in recognition of their special fruitful public activities, impressive job performance and conscientious work as well as in celebration of the 26th anniversary of independence of neutral Turkmenistan:

Ogulbossan Geldievna Sahatova, a resident of the city of Ashgabat, pensioner,

Gurbansoltan Orazmyradova, a resident of the city of Tejen, Akhal velayat, pensioner,

Ogultach Haladova, director of a Culture House of the Ministry of Culture of Turkmenistan in the village of Yasga, Yasga gengeshlik, Bereket etrap, Balkan velayat,

Guljan Yusupovna Eminova, a forewoman of a work gang, Gerogly etrap Repair and Construction Department of Dashoguz public utilities repair and construction enterprise, the Ministry of Municipal Services of Turkmenistan,

Ogulsapar Charyeva, a resident of the town of Halach, Halach etrap, Lebap velayat, pensioner,

Shirinjemal Hapadyeva, a resident of the town of Sakarchaga, Sakarchaga etrap, Mary velayat, pensioner.