The pupils of boarding school for intellectually gifted kids – the winners of international academic competition for geometry

Photo: Hasan Magadov

Turkmen pupils are among winners of the fourth Iranian academic competition for geometry “IGO-2017”. The intellectual internet-competition incorporated about four thousand young mathematician from 44-contries worldwide.

The competition organized online was developed in three categories - beginners, medium and advanced for different age audience for upper-form pupils. Participants were offered four tasks at each stage of the competition for which performance was given 4.5 hours.

Our country was presented by State boarding school for intellectually gifted kids consisting of 17 attend classes of eight-eleven forms. Two of them - Baygeldi Cholukov and Djepbar Asgarov became the silver and bronze owners accordingly. Some youngsters were presented with recognition gifts. These are - Dowletgeldi Isayev, Muhammetmurad Gochmuradov, Kadyrberdi Annabayev, Kemal Atajanov, Seydulla Narkulyyev, Resul Shamuhammedov, Allayar Hudaygulyyev, Mengli Rahmedova, Rovshen Ovezmuradov and Akmurad Tirkeshov.

Arslan Hodjayev trained the schoolchildren for mathematic academic competition. The grand ceremony took place to celebrate the success of young Turkmen intellectual at boarding school.