The third Cup stage of the Turkmen Skyrunning is over

The third stage of the national skyrunning tournament "vertical kilometer" took place in Gokdere. The State Committee of Turkmenistan on Sport and the Climber Club "Agama" by support of the Hyakimlik Archabil district of Ashgabat organized competitions, as well as a mass ascent to the top of Harlasang mountain range Dushak-Erigdag.

Alpinists of the Agama and Mert clubs, members of the sports school of athletics under the supervision of Coach A. Rahimov, the group "Mountain Traveler" (chief G. Kutsevalov), the tourist group "Dostluk" and the young mountaineers from the educational institutions of the capital participated in the high-speed ascent.

More than seventy participants started at the foot of the mountain. The track was laid on various surfaces with a significant slope but did not exceed five kilometers in length. At the distance, the organizers established checkpoints on which the judges fixed the time of the vertical kilometer passage. Participants had to report at the finish line and returning to the launch site - to report arrival.

Competitions on the track were conducted in struggle; the time of this distance is improved by 5 minutes. Yazgeldy Odenyazov the representative of the Balkanabat, who won first place in the race of the senior group of athletes, climbed to Kharlasaeng in just 56 minutes. One minute and 20 seconds lost to him a student of the Ashgabat secondary school № 15 Maxim Gordienko. In the prize winning triple is Ashgabat citizen Alikper Ahmedov ("Agama" club) – prize winner of almost all cup competitions in the country and participant of international races on Elbrus and the Swiss Alps.

Unexpected for the judges and organizers of the competition was the result of the youngest participant - Alan Abaev (10 years old) who ran the distance in 1 hour 41 minutes, losing only a few minutes to his father Ahmat Abayev.

Ekaterina Prusakova, a student of the capital’s school № 16 presented the best result 1 hour 26 minutes among women. After her the finish point was crossed by athlete from the Balkanabat club "Mert" Gozel Atayeva losing to the winner 8 minutes 40 seconds. Aylar Durdieva, the student of the Ashgabat secondary school No.2 is on the third place. Winners of the competitions were awarded with Diplomas and prizes from sponsors. All participants were given certificates on the passage of the mountain route.

Competitions on skyrunning showed not only the growing skill of athletes - participants of the race but also the commitment of an increasing number of Ashgabat residents for active rest. In the mass ascent took part all those who wish from 8 to 60 years. The members of the club of the bard song performed with a concert before the participants of the race.

The final stage of the Cup of Turkmenistan on mountaineering in the high-speed rise will take place in December on the Health Path.