The seminar organized by the CAREC is dedicated to regional practice of basin river management

The capital hotel Yildiz hosted the seminar of the Central Asia Regional Ecological Centre dedicated to the principles of integrated management of water resources. The event was organized under the chairing of our country in the IFAS and improvement of the potential of domestic management link in water sphere.

The meeting was supported by the representatives of the Government sectors of the economy, which activity is related to use of natural resources, by the specialists of different ecological projects, non-governmental natural organizations like Natural Protection Society of Turkmenistan and Tebigi Kuvvat, representatives of international institutes – the partners of Turkmenistan in protection and rational use of natural resources like the ICSD IFAS. UNDP, GIZ. Deputy of the Mejlis, specialists of the ministries of agriculture and water management, finances and economy, National Committee for hydrometeorology under the Cabinet of Ministers as well as the lecturers of Turkmen Agricultural University are among the participants of the meeting.

Scientific practical seminar was organized for introduction of international practice and regional experience of basin rivers management to domestic specialist in water consumption.

Manager and Expert of the programme of water initiatives of the CAREC Rustam Isahojayev and Igor Petrakov told about Kazakhstan experience. Thy highlighted that fresh water is disappearing natural resource and that is why the provisions of national control plans are no longer enough to provide protection and reliable water supply if the river runs across different velayat or countries.

The territorial and administrative water management existed previously is not able to consider hydrographic borders of water protective and filtration zones what may lead to incorrect water apportionment in dry years, - the representatives of Kazakhstan noted. – Limited volume of water, non-efficient management, non-coordinated activities of interested parties and poor financing may be the main problems here.

- The experience of the CAREC in the development of basin and sub-basin control plans in Kazakhstan is laid to the foundation of the work that was carried out in Aral-Syrdarya Region and in Balkhash. Similar practice was tested in different projects with participation of the GIZ, - I. Petrakov noted. – There is no single model – the basin management for every region of Kazakhstan has its own advantages and limitations.

- This method of the management of water resources is laid in the basis of the Water Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, - he continued. – The Document is always improved. Three years after its implementation positive results and support on the Governmental level have been achieved. During realization of new water policy, the requirements not only in managing personnel but in qualified technical staff, engineers, which are able to project modern hydro technical facilities came up. The principle of work of our basin councils is to make friends with the neighbours and manage the water together.

This topical subject gave rise to interested discussion. Head of Scientific and Research Department of Turkmensuvylymtaslama Institute of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Management Kurbanniyaz Hommadov noted:

- The work for reduction of water losses by the improvement of hydro technical facilities, increase of throughput capacity of main and irrigation channels, modernizations of the branch and improvement of the operation of irrigation network is continued. World practice in rational consumption of natural resources, advanced methods of irrigation of agricultural lands are studied. Scientific institutes, the Ministry of Municipal Services, ecologists are involved in this work.

- Our Institute works on use of return, collector and drainage water, which are not included to national water reserve but might be accounted for during the development of agriculture, livestock farming and fishery after proper treatment and purification for many years. The Basin method is described in new Water Code of Turkmenistan and it is undoubtedly one of the perspective methods of water consumption for the regions of the Central Asia. Kazakhstan and other countries experience is very interesting in this relation and our objective is to define what model will be more efficient in the conditions of the country.

- Representative of Interstate Commission for Sustainable Development of the International Fund for Saving of Aral Sea Batyr Mamedov noted that the climate change today affects the life of arid regions which would have to learn to adopt the development of the economy to the conditions of global deficiency of fresh water. At the same time, it is important to consider the interests of all parties and build water cooperation on mutually beneficial base. The seminar outlined the number of the objectives, which Turkmen specialists would have to solve in the nearest future.

- After the development of the acts to new Water Code, the mechanism of integrated management of precise natural resource that was equalized to the price of gold in Turkmenistan from long times will start working.