The aspects of international cooperation in educational and sport spheres are discussed in Ashgabat

Photo: Arslan Klychev

An international exhibition entitled “Education and Sport in the Epoch of Power and Happiness” has opened in the Expo Center of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan (CCIT). It was co-organized by the Ministry of Education, the State Sports Committee and the CCIT.

The principal aim of the annual exhibition is to promote the development of the education and sport sectors as key areas of the state social policy, and to reflect the current major trends in these fields. The exhibition has taken on special significance in the context of the 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games held in Ashgabat back in September. The well-organized and well-run multi-sport event helped to confirm Turkmenistan’s status as a world sporting power.

Among the exhibition participants are representatives of some 30 countries, including the USA, Russia, Great Britain, Germany, Japan, China, India, Turkey, Pakistan, Malaysia, Latvia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and others. Scores of display stands demonstrate the countries’ educational potential, products from leading information technology companies, and innovative laboratory equipment.

Stands of the Ministry of Education and our country’s higher education institutions exhibit a wide variety of state-of-the-art laboratory equipment, as well as cups, medals and certificates awarded to the winners of international academic and sports competitions among university students. Not only visitors are offered in-depth information on specialties and modern teaching methods, they can also become fully acquainted with scientific and educational books, textbooks, encyclopedias, reference books, and dictionaries, published in Turkmenistan.

Noteworthily, today, our students are authors of interesting projects and research studies. Models of buildings and facilities, new computer programs, robots, and scientific instruments, designed by talented young people, serve as a spectacular example.

Of particular interest are working models created by students of specialized secondary schools that testify to the fact that information technologies, novel methods and modern curricula are efficiently applied in the teaching and learning process.

Display stands of research institutes of the Academy of Sciences demonstrate their achievements, potential and prospective study with an emphasis on the latest scientific and technological achievements of Turkmen scientists.

Earlier this year, new buildings of the Department of Chemistry of Magtymguly Turkmen State University opened their doors to students. Its exhibition stands showcase the unique academic curriculum, designed in compliance with world standards to ensure in-depth study in diverse scientific disciplines.

Stands of domestic and foreign companies that offer to proof-test modern-day educational facilities and software products, including interactive whiteboards and desks, are a big draw for visitors.

Among the exhibitors are higher education institutions from different countries, national and international organizations and associations, overseas education and student exchange agencies, manufacturers and distributors of educational books and software products, including well-known companies Intel (USA), Lenovo, Huawei (China) to name but a few. Their stands feature the latest advances in computer technologies, up-to-date equipment, and furniture designed for educational institutions.

A special thematic section at the exhibition is sport. It features leading domestic and foreign sports organizations, sports equipment and sportswear manufacturers. Various sports federations and schools, whose representatives gave demonstration performances during the opening of the exhibition, are also among its participants.

An exhibition stand of the National Olympic Committee of Turkmenistan displays multiple medals won by Turkmen athletes at the 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games, and the legendary Ashgabat 2017 torch that had traveled an enormous distance during the 500-day riding marathon across the country.

Stands of the State Sports Committee show gold cups presented to Turkmen athletes in various national and international competitions. Nearby are display stands of the following Federations of Turkmenistan: Goresh Wrestling, Judo, Boxing, Archery, Weightlifting, Athletics, Hockey, Basketball, Thai Boxing, Dancesport, Billiard, Chess, and others.

The Ashgabat Golf Club, officially opened on October 17, is a first-time participant in the exhibition. Construction of first-class golf courses in Turkmenistan has become yet another stage in the country’s sports infrastructure development.

In the afternoon, a plenary session of the scientific conference was held in a conference hall of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan to identify approaches to the advancement of cooperation in the state policy’s priority areas, such as education and sport.

Discussions centered on new forms of international partnership, which is focused on qualitatively new reforms in these fields through closer ties between higher education institutions, specialized secondary schools and sports organizations, joint humanitarian projects, an exchange of delegations, and etc.

The conference program also includes 4 field-specific workshops at Magtymguly Turkmen State University, the National Institute of Sports and Tourism, the Turkmen State Institute of Transport and Communications, and the Turkmen State Institute of Economy and Management. They will cover the reforms and cooperation in the education sector, the promotion of international integration in sport, the role and significance of innovative technologies in modernization of the fields of education and sport, and training of highly-qualified specialists.

The international exhibition and conference will close on November 10.