President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov Congratulates Compatriots with Harvest Festival

It is deeply symbolic that this festival is celebrated on the national level, as it reflects the people’s pride for the abundant harvest and manifests the love for the motherland, states the Presidential address.

The Harvest Festival is a sign of outstanding respect for the work of farmers in our country. As a result of programmatic measures, Turkmenistan yields rich harvests of wheat, vegetables, gourds, fruit and berries. This year farmers have successfully met their contractual obligations for production of cotton. I trust that masters of the “white gold” will maintain high levels of productivity in the future, reads the message.

Turkmenistan ranks among rapidly developing nations of the world. Along with other sectors, we place specific emphasis on development of agriculture that is inseparable from enhancing the country’s economic base.

Fundamental reforms in this sphere, balanced and conscious decisions are aimed at ensuring food abundance and boosting exports of high-quality products raised on the Turkmen land.

We create all conditions to yield abundant harvests and ensure productive work of farmers. Regular purchase of modern high-capacity machinery and equipment, serving as good support to farmers in growing crops and collecting lossless harvests, serve as a clear demonstration of that. Farmers are also able to purchase mineral fertilizers, high-quality seeds and chemical pesticides at reduced prices; payments for submitted products are settled in time.

The tenants respond to the State’s support with hard work, making their worthy contribution to the development of the country’s agricultural sector. Providing economic benefits for agricultural producers, honoring best tenants and farmers serve as evidence of high appreciation and deep respect for their work, states the address.

We will continue to create all conditions for farmers, who produce abundant crops by skillfully accommodating ancient farming traditions and advances of modern science, to contribute to prosperity, live happily and raise the new generation of farmers, stresses the greeting by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.